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Information about the characters in Vietnamese hat boi (classical drama) is now available in English on ichLinks, an online platform providing information about intangible cultural heritages in the Asia-Pacific region.

Bilingual art book features Vietnamese folk arts, festivals

A group of young artists in HCM City will release a new bilingual art book featuring 30 folk music genres and theatrical performing arts, and six traditional festivals of Vietnam.

Docudrama on ả đào singing to be made this year

A docudrama entitled Ả Đào (Songstress) on ca trù (ceremonial singing) folk music will be made this year. The film crew includes scriptwriter Bui Trong Hien and director Nguyen Trung Thanh.

Artist inlays folk paintings with gold to give contemporary edge

Contemporary artist Bui Thanh Tam is displaying his collection of paintings inspired by folk paintings of the Kim Hoang, Dong Ho and Hang Trong movements and religious works created by ethnic groups.