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With great advantages being held by foreign banks, Vietnamese banks find it difficult to compete.

Foreign capital flows to Vietnamese banks

Large banks as well as smaller ones are seeking foreign investors in today's competitive market.

State-owned bank also hires foreign CEOs

VietNamNet Bridge - Though foreign CEOs are commonly seen in privately run commercial banks, few banks where the state holds the controlling stake employ foreigners.

Foreign strategic investors at domestic banks: assets or problem?

VietNamNet Bridge - The divestment of a number of foreign strategic investors from Vietnamese banks is a sign that foreign technology doesn’t always help.

Foreign banks scale down business in Vietnam

Some large foreign banks operating in Vietnam have recently scaled down their business or withdrawn capital from Vietnamese banks. What is happening with the banking sector?

How are foreign banks performing in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - About 70-80 percent of the profit made by foreign banks comes from services, while credit makes up 10-15 percent.

Foreign investors eye stake in Vietnamese banks

VietNamNet Bridge - Though Vietnamese banks are undergoing a compulsory restructuring process, foreign investors are showing interest in purchasing stakes in banks.