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Where are Vietnam’s social networks in comparison with Facebook, Google?

With the establishment of a series of social networks, Vietnam is one of only a few countries with domestic products that are competitive with cross-border platforms.

Is it time for next-generation social networks?

Every technological product has its life cycle…

Vietnamese social networks struggle to gain 60 million users

Will the third internet wave bring opportunities to Vietnam’s social networks that aim to gain users from Facebook?

Vietnamese social networks: what do they need to do to succeed?

Gapo, Lotus and Astra, the three Vietnamese social networks, have debuted within a short time. But Facebook remains the favorite social network in Vietnam.

Homemade social media platform boom to inspire "Make in Vietnam" upbeat outlook

New social media platform Lotus launched earlier this week, the third homegrown social media platform to go live in the last four months.


The launch of Lotus enhances the MIC's ambition of exceeding Facebook

The Ministry of Information and Communications’ (MIC) announcement of the launch five local social networks in 2019, including the latest Lotus, shows Vietnam’s desire of escaping Facebook's stranglehold.


Made-in-Vietnam Lotus network launched, aiming to have 60 million users

The Vietnamese social network Lotus revealed its plan to attract 60 million users in Vietnam during its official launch in Hanoi last night.


Made-in-Vietnam social network Lotus to be launched this week

VCCorp has announced that the pilot version of its VND700 billion ($30.1 million) Lotus social network will officially be launched on September 16.


Vietnamese social networks thrive amid Facebook dominance

Since the beginning of 2019, there have been three social networks established in Vietnam.

Made-in-Vietnam social network Lotus to make debut

Vietnamese group VCCorp has informed that the pilot version of its “Lotus” social network will officially be launched on September 16.


Is Vietnam challenging Facebook to single combat?

To build a Vietnamese social network and cement its position in Vietnam, the first thing that needs to be done is to defeat Facebook.

Vietnamese social network debuts, competes with Facebook

A social network, called Gapo, created by Vietnamese and designed for Vietnamese youth, has been launched.


Does Zalo want to be a social network?

If it operates as a social network, Zalo will at a disadvantage compared with foreign social networks.