Update news ginseng

Ethnic people in Lai Chau province have long used locally-grown ginseng to improve their health.

Identifying "chemical fingerprints" of herbs at Hoang Lien mountain range

The first scientific findings of Sam vu diep (Panax bipinnatifidus Seem.) and Tam That hoang (Panax stipuleanatus H.Tsai et K.M.Feng) have laid the foundation for a new development of endemic species at Hoang Lien Mountains.

Vietnam not satisfied about medicinal herb preservation

Though it has a diverse medicinal ecosystem, Vietnam still finds it difficult developing its medicinal herb treasury.

Investors pour money into preserving medicinal herbs

Tu Mo Rong district in Kon Tum province is famous for ginseng, or hong dang sam, and Codonopsis pilosula, a medicinal herb called "the ginseng of the poor", as it is cheap and effective in disease treatment.

Local woman proud owner of Ngoc Linh ginseng garden

VietNamNet Bridge - Nguyen Thi Hong Thuong, 33, in Nam Tra My district in Quang Nam province, is the owner of a Ngoc Linh ginseng garden with 600 ginseng plants.

Only 270 plant varieties legally protected in VN in 13 years

VietNamNet Bridge - Only in 2004 did Vietnam began implementing legal action to protect plant varieties. 

Plant gene conservation: world-class technology used manually in VN

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam can access the world’s most advanced technology for genetic resource conservation, but most of the operations are being carried out manually.

The mysterious ancient cinnamon forest on Ngoc Linh mountain

VietNamNet Bridge - There is a cinnamon forest, hundreds of years old, on the Mount of Ngoc Linh. 

Vietnam’s Ngoc Linh considered best ginseng, useful in treating cancer

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam grows a precious species of ginseng allegedly even better than Korean ginseng.

Ancient cinnamon gardens at Ngoc Linh Mountain

Nam Tra My district of Quang Nam province is well known as the homeland of Ngoc Linh ginseng. However, it also produces Tra My cinnamon which has been growing there for hundreds of years.

Nearly $700mil. cosmetics market still out of reach for Vietnamese firms

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese manufacturers have found it difficult getting a foothold in the cosmetics market, valued at VND15 trillion (nearly $700 million) with a high growth rate of 20 percent per annum.