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Opportunities could be missed if no sandbox model is developed in Vietnam

Opportunities will slip through Vietnamese firms’ hands if a sandbox is not developed soon, NextTech chairman Nguyen Hoa Binh said at a conference on November 7.

Light boxes may no longer be mandatory for ride-hailing vehicles in Vietnam

Traditional taxis and ride-hailing vehicles need not have light boxes installed as the Ministry of Transport has changed its stance, amending a government decree on transport business.


Gojek, Grab seek to expand services in Vietnam

Ride-hailing firms Grab and GoViet, a subsidiary of Indonesia's Gojek, have taken turns to announce plans to pump additional funding into expanding their services in Vietnam to win more riders in this fast growing market.

A sharing economy for new startups

The rapid development of the IT revolution has helped startups generate a buzz in the social circle, establishing a new era of promoting globalisation in all sectors while building a new economy – the sharing economy.

Vietnam’s digital economy expected to account for 20% of GDP by 2025

The Politburo’s Resolution No 52 set a goal that Vietnam’s digital economy would make up 20 percent of GDP by 2025.

Vietnam’s ride hailing market exceeds US$1-billion revenue

The market is on track to hit US$4 billion by 2025, becoming the fourth in the region, after Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Kakao and Grab mull over partnership in Vietnam

If successful, Kakao’s presence in Vietnam would mark its second overseas expansion after it signed a partnership with Japan Taxi last year to enable call taxi services for Korean users.

Malaysia proposes $20 million fine on Grab for abusive practices

The Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) has proposed a fine of over 86 million ringgit (20.5 million USD) on ride-hailing firm Grab for violating competition law by imposing restrictive clauses on its drivers.

Motorbike taxis must be registered in Hanoi

Drivers of "xe om" – or motorbike taxis will have to register with authorised agencies, according to a new draft regulation on the management and use of non-motorised vehicles and motorcycles in Hanoi.

‘Super-app’ race gets scorching hot

Go-Viet is speeding up, 'Be' has launched more services, and MoMo has expressed its intention to join the race, while Grab has a new strategy.

Traditional taxi firms demand equal treatment with ride-hailing apps

Traditional taxi companies have demanded that app-based taxis with less than nine seats should be treated the same as them to “ensure fairness, transparency and the same responsibilities towards customers.”


Ride-hailing vehicles to be managed by technology?

App-based ride-hailing vehicles may be managed by technology, instead of having to install a light box on top as proposed by the Ministry of Transport (MoT) earlier.


Grab, Go-Viet, and Be: who is the stingiest?

Bonus payments for ride-hailing drivers seem a lot less forthcoming now that the firms have gained a firmer foothold in Vietnam. Comparing Grab, Go-Viet, and newcomer Be, the Singaporean giant seems the most tight-fisted.


PM rejects roof-lights proposal for tech-based cabs

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc has asked the Ministry of Transport to scrap unnecessary business conditions for transport firms, including a proposal for making roof light boxes mandatory for ride-hailing vehicles with fewer than nine seats.


More players enter Vietnam e-hailing market

Three years ago, the e-hailing market was the playing field of two foreign names, Grab and Uber. Now, the number of firms has increased.

Vinasun appeals VCC’s conclusion on Grab-Uber merger

Vinasun has voiced its opposition to the conclusion of the Vietnam Competition Council (VCC) that the merger between ride-hailing firms Grab and Uber in the country showed no signs of economic concentration.


GrabFood may be disadvantaged by high commission rates

In case GrabFood continues to charge 20-25 per cent commission for local vendors, it may lose ground to Go-Viet and Now.

Should ride-hailing vehicles install taxi signs?

Vietnam’s proposal requesting all ride-hailing vehicles to put taxi signs on vehicles will weigh down disruptive businesses and dampen benefits to stakeholders.

VN Competition and Consumer Protection Authority submits complaint about Grab-Uber ruling

The Vietnam Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (VCA) submitted a complaint about the decision of the Vietnam Competition Authority that Grab's acquisition of Uber does not violate the Competition Law.

The battle in the e-hailing market among the 'big four'

After the departure of Uber, the e-hailing market is now the playing field of four big players, each of which has its own advantage and approach.