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Hanoi’s heritage house of great historical imprints

One of the rare old houses in the area of Hanoi's Old Quarter, the Heritage House at 86 Hang Bac Street is full of funky secrets.

Foreigners welcome a "different Christmas" in Hanoi

Welcoming Christmas in Hanoi brought a different and new feeling to many international tourists.

Hospitality providers in Hanoi Old Quarter revive

Hospitality providers in Hanoi’s Old Quarter have been gradually recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 15, most of them have so far been brought back to life.

The secret behind Hanoi’s old billboards

Signboards made of cement with a lifespan of about 100 years are still hanging on the facades of houses in Hanoi Old Quarter. Why do they still exist? It is a long story that is hard to tell.

Unprecedented images in Hanoi Old Quarter

Barriers erected all over the streets and goods transacted through barriers are unprecedented scenes in the Hanoi Old Quarter.

The old man guarding Hanoi's last ancient gate for 20 years

For nearly 20 years, a man has looked after the only ancient gate of Hanoi, like his second house.

Hang Bac street - birthplace of Hanoi’s silver jewellery

Hang Bac is viewed as the “most expensive” among Hanoi’s 36 old streets. In the past, people living on this street relied on three major jobs, involving silver ingot and jewellery making, and money exchange.

A week before Tet, flower market in Hanoi Old Quarter still quiet

This year, Hanoi’s traditional flower market is held on the streets of Hang Luoc, Hang Khoai, Hang Roi, Hang Ma and Phung Hung.

Artisans keeping tradition running in Hanoi Old Quarter

In memories of Hanoians, the Old Quarter is not only the representation of Hanoi’s cultural value, but also the concentration of many old jobs that were once part of the normal living days in the capital city.

Hanoi Old Quarter master plan to address challenges in preservation

The Hanoi Old Quarter contains great values of culture, history and architecture for the capital and the whole country.

Hanoi Old Quarter hotels up for sale due to Covid-19

Many hotels in Hanoi’s Old Quarter area are for sale due to big losses resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Facelift for Hoan Kiem Lake nears completion

The paving of areas around Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake with a high-quality natural stone has been almost completed.

Hanoi Old Quarter street falls quiet amid COVID-19 fears

Located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Ma May street is continuing to face up to challenges brought about by the return of the COVID-19 epidemic, with many souvenir shops, restaurants, and travel agencies left deserted.

Expanding cultural space along Phung Hung Street

Nearly a year after finishing renovations to a single archway underneath the railway line running along Phung Hung Street, the Hanoi Old Quarter Management Board plans to upgrade five more, which are all in a single row. 

Hotel owners face tough times in Hanoi

The lobby of a hotel on Hang Be Street in the heart of Hanoi that used to be full of tourists is now filled with furniture.

'Sound of Hope' resounds from ambassadors of music

The Hanoi Old Quarter Management Board recently came together with the Vietnamese Dinh Lang Club to host a special arts programme featuring visually-impaired singers.

Business outlook gloomy for firms based in Old Quarter of Hanoi

Many business owners in Hanoi’s famous Old Quarter are becoming increasingly concerned about the decline in customers, causing their revenue to sharply decrease, and resulting in many stores closing their doors following COVID-19 epidemic.

New embankment to protect Hoan Kiem Lake

An embankment is being constructed to prevent erosion at the Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi.

Hanoi’s bustling streets in Old Quarter turn quiet amid COVID-19

Bustling streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter with crowded alleys and lively nightlife have turn quiet and deserted during the time when the whole country is practising physical distancing.

Hanoi’s iconic tourist sites sit empty

Various tourist sites in Hanoi sit empty, as ongoing concerns over the COVID-19 continue.