The Hanoi People’s Committee has submitted a statement to the city’s People’s Council about a development plan for the Hanoi area by 2045.

It is expected that Hanoi would have two new cities in the northern part of the Red River (Dong Anh, Me Linh and Soc Son) and the western part (Hoa Lac and Xuan Mai new urban areas).

The city of science & technology and education & training

Regarding the city in the west, the sphere of research includes Hoa Lac and Xuan Mai urban areas and the research is expanded to Tich and Bui Rivers. This will be a science & technology and education & training city, with high- and low-rise buildings.

The city is expected to cover an area of 251 square kilometers and have a population of 1.2 million by 2045. The urban construction land is 135 square kilometers and the population is 1.08 million, while the suburban area is 116 square kilometers and the population is 0.12 million. 

Hoa Lac urban area will be the center of science and high technology, and center of high-quality education and education. This will be a city of research centers, universities, and experimental centers. It will also be the city of digital technology, artificial intelligence, technology application and transfer. Hanoi will set up preferential policies to attract a high-quality workforce and enterprises to the city to live and work.

Meanwhile, Xuan Mai urban area will be an educational center carrying out research and providing education supporting services, such as startup supporting centers, research supporting centers, community labs and service centers. A part of the city will be reserved for the development of a center to develop bio-chemical technology for Hanoi, Red River Delta, midlands and the northern mountainous areas.

The city for service and international integration

Meanwhile, the city in the north will be for service and international integration, with the Noi Bai international airport, and the national economic corridor associated with the Nhat Tan-Noi Bai driving force for development.

The total area of the northern city of the Red River is 633 square kilometers, comprising Dong Anh, Soc Son and Me Ling districts with the population of 3.25 million by 2045. Multi-storey buildings, modern and green, will be allowed to develop in some areas in the city.

The central area of the city will be in the south of Noi Bai, near Smart City, the national trade fair center and Co Loa relic site. The international airport and industrial zones will turn the area into an international commercial, logistics and goods transit center.

Quang Phong