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Hong River’s mudflats to become green parks and tourism spots

Mudflats on the Hong (Red) River in Hanoi could become green parks and tourism spots to serve not only city dwellers but also tourists.

Park on Red River’s alluvial islet to serve as Hanoi’s tourism hotspot

The goal of building the Red River as a central landscape axis is to create an open, green space integrated with modern and well-planned urban infrastructure, transforming it into an appealing tourist destination.

Hanoi to contain two cities, 4.45 million people

The total area of the two cities in the north and the west of Hanoi would be 884 square kilometers with a total population of 4.45 million by 2045.

Hanoi to build US$351 million bridge over Red River

Hanoi City will build an eight-lane bridge across the Red River to connect the districts of Bac Tu Liem and Dong Anh.

Four more bridges spanning Red River to take shape in future

Consultants have completed survey designs for an additional four bridges spanning the Red River in Hanoi to be built in the coming months.

Hanoi to turn middle alluvium ground into park

One more park has been designed for Hanoians. However, it is still unclear when the project will appear, as a number of other projects are still on paper or pending.

Two new cities in north, western part of Hanoi to be created

Two new cities in the northern and western parts of Hanoi would help reduce overpopulation, transport and social infrastructure needs for the city's innermost districts.

Hanoi will have 10 more bridges over the Red River

In addition to completing the construction of 7 ring roads, Hanoi will build more bridges over the Red River to meet the travel needs of the people.

Hanoi to build ten more bridges over Red River

Hanoi will build ten more bridges across the Red River by 2030 and a vision until 2050.

Lifebuoys available on rivers to prevent drowing

Tens of red and white lifebuoys have recently been hung on Long Bien Bridge crossing the Red River, Hanoi by a group of volunteers in the hope of saving drowning victims.

Hanoi should learn lessons from the past in urban planning

Hanoi has announced the master plan for the Red River urban area, with a scale of 1/5000.

Culture and tourist park to be built on alluvial islet in Hanoi’s Red River

Hanoi plans to develop an alluvial islet amid the Red River into a cultural and tourist park in order to explore the potential and advantages of the natural beauty of the Red River.

Luxury cruise on Red River launched

For the first time, a luxury cruise on Red River with a capacity of 99 passengers has been inaugurated in Hanoi.

Red River tour offer enjoyable travel experiences for visitors

Following the trend of safe adaptation, nature-based tourism and staycation, some ecotourism tours along the Red River area have become more sought after and gained popularity among visitors.

A different Hanoi experienced through bicycle tours

Many tourists in Hanoi are paying 1.3 million VND for a bicycle tour around the capital city.

Hanoi advised to follow Japan’s urban railway model

The Tokyo-Tshukoba urban railway line was funded by converting land in 18 projects along the route. The land price in these areas soared from $1 per square meter to $5,000.

‘Rescuing’ Long Bien Bridge and building bridges that enrich the city

Experts have repeatedly warned that Long Bien Bridge is in serious state and is going to collapse. Meanwhile, Hanoi is programming the development of a ‘creative city’. What should be done with Long Bien?

Zoning plan to preserve beauty of central Hanoi

The implementation of zone planning for four historic inner districts of Hanoi will make an important contribution to preserving the historical and architectural values of the capital, and improve the quality of life of the people of the Old Quarter.

Red River needs to be planned under ‘Thuan Thien’ principle

In 1921, architect Ernest Hébrard visited Vietnam to plan the development of Da Lat and started field research in Hanoi.

Hanoi’s plan to relocate residents cautiously welcomed

Pham Duc Bach, 41, of Alley 74, Hang Khoai Street, Hoan Kiem District, applauded after hearing that his family might benefit from the city administration’s plan to relocate residents in four inner districts of Hanoi from now until 2030.