Mass fish deaths on the West Lake on November 19.

"Besides collecting the dead fish from the lake, we're also catching others to reduce density so that they can develop properly," the committee said.

"We're also clearing the algae and installing more aeration systems to improve water quality.”

According to the committee, more workers have been sent to collect the dead fish and they would use motor boats which are expected to generate more oxygen for the lake.

"On November 19, we sent over 30 workers and seven motor boats to collect the dead fish from the lake between 2.30-8 pm," the committee said. "We've also operating aeration systems at full capacity."


Workers collect the dead fish on the West Lake on November 19.

Fish have died en mass in the West Lake for over three months.

The dead fish drifted to the banks along some streets of Thanh Nien, Lac Long Quan, Nguyen Dinh Thi, Nhat Trieu, and Trich Sai.

Hanoi Department of Construction explained that the fish had died of water pollution, changing weather and a lack of oxygen.

Earlier in 2016 and 2018, hundreds of tonnes of fish were also found dead at West Lake. Test results from the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment showed that the fish died from a lack of oxygen.

Source: Dtinews