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HCM City canals still face pollution due to untreated wastewater

Despite having spent thousands of billions of VND on cleaning major canals including Nhieu Loc- Thi Nghe, Tan Hoa - Lo Gom, and Tau Hu - Ben Nghe, authorities in HCM City have failed to curb pollution due to a lack of wastewater treatment plants.

Da Nang makes efforts to thoroughly address wastewater polluting the sea

The city’s authorities at all levels should cooperate and develop urgent plans to minimise the situation of wastewater overflowing into the sea.

HCM City canals polluted again

Many HCM City canals have faced pollution again despite being upgraded.

National water resources master plan looks to revive polluted rivers

Hanoi has treated water pollution at Nhue River, but the plan has not met the requirements. Meanwhile, urban area design plans along Lu and Set rivers in Thanh Xuan District are still under construction.

Hanoi tries to improve West Lake water to save fish

Hanoi's Tay Ho District People's Committee said on Monday that they were carrying out various measures to curb the mass fish deaths in West Lake.

Hanoi cleans up its pond life

Rapid urbanisation have led to increasing demand for housing and infrastructure. Consequently, ponds and lakes across the city have been filled to make room for construction.

West Lake pollution shows no signs of improving

West Lake in Hanoi has been polluted for many years and the problem doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Water in Hanoi’s largest lake turns moss green, Environment Ministry takes action

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s (MONRE) tests show that the water of Hanoi’s West Lake is polluted.

More solutions needed to revive rivers: Expert

Dao Trong Tu, head co-ordinator of the Vietnam River Network (VRN), speaks about finding solutions to revive rivers

Hanoi to clean up polluted To Lich river with water from Red river

The plan is to supply water from the Red river to improve quality of water in To Lich river which is severely contaminated for years.

HCM City to clean up polluting rivers

The authorities in HCM City will spend billions of VND on waste collecting machines to clean rivers and canals in the city.

HCM City restores polluted canals one by one

The 10-kilometre Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Canal running through districts 1, 3, Tan Binh, Phu Nhuan, and Binh Thanh in HCM City has become a popular place for sightseeing, taking photos and doing exercises.

Hanoi river water remains polluted

The quality of surface water in many lakes and rivers in the north has improved, but 15 monitoring areas of 185 that have been monitored remain heavily polluted, mainly on the Cau and Nhue-Day rivers.

Many rivers in northern provinces still polluted: Environment administration

Rivers in northern provinces are severely polluted, according to the Vietnam Environment Administration's report released recently.

HCM City aims to reduce water pollution by 90 percent

HCM City authorities have ordered the city Department of Natural Resources and Environment to work with agencies and district authorities to strictly monitor the discarding of litter and untreated sewage in canals in the city.

Japanese team gives up project to revive Hanoi’s polluted river

The Hanoi Department of Construction has once again requested the team to show their legal documents, but so far the company has not responded to the request.

HCM City canals battle severe pollution

Many canals in HCM City are struggling with the serious pollution due to illegal waste dumping.

Hanoi river struggling with rubbish

Nhue River in Hanoi has become more polluted due to rubbish.

Hanoi residents affected by polluted river

Tens of thousands of people in Hanoi have been hit by the severe pollution of a local river for many years.


Vietnam needs solutions for sustainable development of rivers

Vietnam's rivers have greatly contributed to socio-economic development, but over-exploitation in recent years has seriously affected this valuable resource, an expert has said.