West Lake

Update news West Lake

Hanoi's Tay Ho District People's Committee said on Monday that they were carrying out various measures to curb the mass fish deaths in West Lake.

West Lake pollution shows no signs of improving

West Lake in Hanoi has been polluted for many years and the problem doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Cycling around West Lake, a healthy trend in Hanoi

Cycling around West Lake has become a safe physical exercise for residents of all ages in Hanoi amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Water in Hanoi’s largest lake turns moss green, Environment Ministry takes action

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s (MONRE) tests show that the water of Hanoi’s West Lake is polluted.

Ministry, Hanoi authorities investigate sexual assaults against foreign women

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has asked the Ministry of Public Security and Hanoi authorities to quickly investigate and strictly handle sexual assaults and harassment against foreign women in the West Lake area.

Hanoi police step up investigations into sexual assaults against foreigners

The police in Hanoi’s Tay Ho district invited four foreign victims of sexual assaults to the scenes of the crime on March 2 in order to conduct field investigations as a way of gathering more evidence and witness testimony.

Iconic lakes in Hanoi

Green trees, nice lakes and peaceful ambiance of Hanoi leave deep impression on visitors when they come to this millennial city.

Hanoi man preserves lotus tea making

A man in Hanoi is trying to maintain the traditional craft of making tea from lotuses specifically grown near West Lake.

Lotus tea - a special gift from Hanoi

For a long time, villages around the West Lake in Quang Ba, Tay Ho and Nghi Tam in Hanoi have been well known for making lotus tea. It is the scented tea that forms the delicate art of enjoying lotus tea- a special gift of Hanoians.

Hanoi ceramic mosaic mural partly removed for road enlargement

The authorities in Hanoi have had to remove 600 metres of the ceramic mosaic mural to enlarge Au Co Street, which is part of the Red River dyke in Tay Ho District.


Summer flowers in Hanoi

When May arrives, the capital city of Hanoi dazzles as flowers bloom.

Hanoians return to West Lake in droves amid COVID-19 threat

With social distancing measures starting to be relaxed, hordes of local people have begun to flock to West Lake in Hanoi despite the government’s continual ban on large gatherings to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

Vietnamese environment ministry to consider applying Japanese water tech widely

The noxious odour and level of mud in the To Lich River and West Lake in Hanoi have decreased dramatically since nano-bioreactor technology has been applied, according to a JETRO representative.

Worsening air pollution leaves Hanoi residents worried

Concerns are growing among residents across Hanoi regarding the poor quality of air that the city has been experiencing over the past few days.

Japanese Koi fish released into Hanoi's To Lich river and West Lake to test for clean water

Both Koi fish and carp fish have been released by Japanese experts and Vietnamese scientists into areas of the To Lich river and West Lake that have been treated for pollution as a demonstration of how clean the water is.

Japanese carp released into Hanoi river and lake

Japanese Koi and Vietnamese Tam Duong carp were released into the To Lich River and West Lake in Hanoi today, September 16.

Another fish death hits Hanoi’s largest lake

Fish have continued to be found dead at West Lake, the largest lake in Hanoi, over recent days.

To Lich River not fully recovered: expert

To Lich, the most polluted river in Hanoi, has received 1 million cubic meters of water from the West Lake, but it is still not fully clean.

West Lake water pumped to refresh To Lich River

Hanoi Sewage and Drainage Ltd. Company on July 9 discharged more than one million cubic metres of water from West Lake into To Lich River.


Exploring peculiar varieties of lotus flowers in Vietnam

Lotus flowers can be found everywhere in Vietnam, but Hanoi is where you can find the majority of the variants.