Dog meat is a familiar dish to many people



Dog meat is a familiar dish to many people. However, as more people keep dogs as pets, their position in society has increased. The number of veterinary clinics and pet care shops also boomed.

Meanwhile, the Food Safety Management Board in HCM City has raised several issues about food hygiene and safety with dog meat. The environment conditions where the dogs are reared, slaughtered and preserved are not hygienic. The dogs can be sick and get rabies and pose a huge risk to consumers.

Chemical residues in meat is another problem that needed to be addressed. Because there are many dog thieves, they might use chemicals to trap the dogs and those chemicals may harm the consumers not to mention bacterial and parasitical infections.

According to the Veterinary Law, the sellers must meet requirements about food safety. Dog meat is not banned in Vietnam but dogs are not listed as domesticated meat animals. Dtinews