According to the HCM City People’s Committee, the selection of civil servants and public employees, especially leaders and managerial officers, is important in public management and plays a decisive role in the development of state administration and all localities and agencies.

In recent years, appointments and promotions of leaders and managers have revealed shortcomings, including a lack of competitiveness. There has been no breakthrough in promoting young and capable cadres.

At some agencies, staff are promoted based on their length of service and experience. As a result, appointees don’t have the right capability, and lack the will to strive for mastery in professional knowledge and ethics. 

Thus, the city has decided that public servant staff and managers will be selected through exams instead of through direct appointments.

It is expected that HCM City will organize exams this year to choose leaders for some lower levels, and in 2023, the city will hold exams to choose leaders and managerial officers at department, district and other equivalent levels.

In 2022, the city needs to recruit officers for 13 positions at six units. The exam is scheduled to be held in November.

The Traffic Safety Committee will organize an exam to select the Deputy Chief of Office, while the Department of Education and Training needs people for the post of Vice Principal of An Nhon Tay High School, Quang Trung High School and An Nghia High School.

The Healthcare Department will organize an exam to recruit officers for the post of Director of Eye Hospital, while the Department of Industry and Trade needs people for the post of Deputy Head of Organization and Personnel Department; Deputy Head of Energy Management; Deputy Director of the Center for Business Support and Development; and Vice President in charge of training for Nguyen Truong To Technical College.

The Institute for Research and Development is seeking a Director of the Center for International Integration Support, and Director of the Center for Socio-Economic Simulation and Forecasting. 

The People's Committee of Hoc Mon district needs a Deputy Head of Urban Management Department, and a Deputy Head of the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment.

Thu Duc City needs officials for 46 positions.

HCM City has 268 leader positions and managerial officers at department, district and equivalent levels, and lacks officers for 34 positions.

To date, 12 ministries and 22 cities or provinces have organized exams to recruit managerial officers.

Thu Hang