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Foreign companies boost investment in Vietnam

Foreign enterprises poured a considerable amount of capital into manufacturing and processing projects in the first half of January, 

HCM City’s IPs, EPZs let down by lack of infrastructure

Many industrial parks and export processing zones in HCM City lack sufficient infrastructure since authorities’ failure to pay compensation for lands has meant they have been unable to acquire and clear them.


HCM City gets ready for new foreign investment wave post-COVID-19

Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City in particular have remained appealing to foreign investors who are continuing to pour capital into the southern economic hub despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industrial zones shift strategy to attract more small, medium-sized businesses

Industrial zones (IZs) are no longer offering tax and land rent incentives to attract investors, but are following new business strategies to attract investors to set up factories in IZs.

Which way for IZ, EPZs in HCM City?

VietNamNet Bridge - Once the pioneering and leading locality in the development of IZs (industrial zones) and EPZs (export processing zones) for a long time, but the competitiveness of IZs and EPZs in attracting investment has decreased.

Industrial property market booms, demand spurs investment

VietNamNet Bridge - By the end of November 2016, Vietnam had 324 IZs, including 220 operating with an occupancy rate of 51 percent, according to MPI’s IZ Management Board Department.

‘Golden land’ in Industrial Zone left idle

VietNamNet Bridge - There are 324 industrial zones (IZ) throughout the country with total area of 92,000 hectares. However, due to mismanagement, large areas in the IZs have been left unused.

Firms find skills hard to come by

Foreign companies in HCM City's industrial parks and technology zones are finding it increasingly difficult to find experienced professionals with foreign language skills as they await Viet Nam's signing of various trade deals

HCM City encourages multi-story factories

VietNamNet Bridge - The enterprises that build multi-story workshops for lease can access preferential bank loans under a city stimulus program.

Foreign-invested industrial zones thriving in Vietnam

The major difference between Vietnamese-owned and foreign-invested industrial zones (IZs) is that the former aim to lease land to businesses, while the latter, which have had great success, want to provide industrial infrastructure.

HCM City to build multi-story workshops in industrial zones

HCM City, the largest commercial hub in Vietnam, plans to built multi-story workshops in industrial zones (IZs) in an effort to lure small- and medium-sized investors who need space at “reasonable costs”.

Land shortage stymies building of kindergartens for workers' children

 VietNamNet Bridge – Shortage of land is preventing provinces and cities in the southern region from building kindergartens for children of workers at industrial parks and export processing zones as required by the Government.


1,000 businessmen to attend CEO forum; MoF bends again on rubber tax, now zero; Husbandry sector reliant on imports; Experts optimistic of apartments market; Land-use projects stuck in red tape


 Property sales increase at year-end; Banks shy of unsecured loans; EVN awards huge EPC contract to consortium; More hydropower projects to be canceled; Hepza says more enterprises shut down business

HCM City to upgrade industrial parks

 VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City has approved an adjustment of master plans by the HCM City EPZ Authority (HEPZA) that will make its industrial parks (IPs) and Export Processing Zones (EPZs) more attractive to investors.

Labourers keen to get back to work

 VietNamNet Bridge – Over 90 per cent of workers had returned to work following the Tet holiday and only a small number had left their jobs,

HCM City authorities to support workers celebrate Tet Festival

HCM City authorities to Various departments under the Party Committee, People’s Committee and Labor Union in Ho Chi Minh City, met on January 22 to discuss ways to support workers celebrate the coming Tet Festival.

Owner-absent FIEs difficult to handle

 VietNamNet Bridge – The number of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) whose owners have fled is growing, but it is not easy for the authorities to handle such cases.