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VietNamNet Bridge - More than 90 percent of students suffer from mental disorders because of study pressure, according to the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). 

Students exhausted after studying for year-end exams

VietNamNet Bridge - Parents complain that exams at the end of the academic year are too stressful for their children.

Are Vietnamese students no longer eager for higher education?

VietNamNet Bridge - Going to university is no longer ‘a must’ for many Vietnamese students, who would rather go to vocational schools and work at factories than attend university and remain unemployed.

Race for seats at secondary schools begins

VietNamNet Bridge - The competition among students for seats at star secondary schools is expected to be ‘scorching hot’ this year as schools plan to reduce enrollment quotas in an effort to improve education quality.

12th graders shun history exams

VietNamNet Bridge - Very few students have chosen history for their high school finals. However, in educators’ eyes, this does not mean Vietnamese students don’t take pride in Vietnamese history.

Where have the good history students gone?

Over the last five years of operation, the Vietnam History Development Fund has given awards to 897 excellent students who won first, second and third prizes at national history competition.

Universities lure learners with attractive scholarships

VietNamNet Bridge - Both State-owned and private schools are trying to attract students with scholarships. 

What is the future for medical vocational schools?

VietNamNet Bridge - Medical vocational schools (2-year training) must upgrade into junior colleges (3-year training) or be dissolved under a new Ministry of Health (MOH) rule. 

12th graders no longer aim to have university education

VietNamNet Bridge - Going to university was the top choice of the majority of students finishing high school. However, the high number of unemployed university graduates has made students and their parents rethink their decision. 

High school students like geography, fear history

VietNamNet Bridge - A high percentage of students have decided to take the geography test for the 2016 high school finals, while history is the choice of very few students.

Businesses in need of workers turn down candidates with bachelor’s degrees

VietNamNet Bridge - The high rate of unemployed university graduates has been blamed on inadequate training. 

New enrollment policy confuses non-state universities

VietNamNet Bridge - Non-state universities are concerned that they will not find students once the new enrollment policy is applied. It allows schools to apply many different methods to enroll students, and has no floor mark for junior colleges.

In Vietnam: Real estate developers are richer than bankers

VietNamNet Bridge - Eight out of the 20 richest stock millionaires in Vietnam are real estate developers. They hold assets higher in value than anyone else in other business fields.

Vietnamese students lack empathy, say educators

Education experts have warned about unreasonable education methods applied at school and at home, saying that many Vietnamese students do not have sympathy towards people with disabilities and disadvantages.

Vietnam’s education goes against int’l tendency: educator

VietNamNet Bridge - Local authorities are willing to spend trillions of dong to build imposing monuments, but are hesitant to spend money for nursery schools.

The students who ‘mistakenly go to university’

Only after several years of studying do students realize that following university education is not what they want. The number of students who make wrong choices about their career has risen, educators have warned.

‘Integration’ reform in education causes confusion

VietNamNet Bridge - The training courses provided by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to general school teachers on teaching integrated lessons have failed.

Which schools can train physicians?

VietNamNet Bridge - The decision by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) on allowing the Hanoi Business and Technology University, a private school, to open a medical training major, has raised controversy.

MOET fiercely criticized for integrating history with other school subjects

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has been facing fierce criticism for its proposal to integrate history into other learning subjects. 

MOET’s new high school exam plan not acclaimed

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has once again tried to reform the high school examination and has, once again, met with dissatisfaction from students and teachers.