TP.HCM đặt mục tiêu đưa 100% thủ tục hành chính lên trực tuyến

Ho Chi Minh City’s online public service portal. (Photo: screenshot)




The People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has issued Document 2538/UBND-KSTT on the provision of online public services in the city.

Accordingly, it targets having 100% of administrative procedures offered online at level 3 and 4 on the municipal public service portal, and 50% of online public services integrated to the national public service portal in 2021.

To achieve this goal, the city ordered local state agencies to review, evaluate, and propose a list of administrative procedures eligible to provide online at level 3-4. This list must be submitted to the city’s Chairman for approval by August 30.

The Office of the HCM City People’s Committee is assigned to finalize the plan to provide online public services in the city in 2021.

The office is also responsible for setting up the management board of the project to evaluate the operation of the city’s public service portal and the electronic one-stop information system associated with settlement of administrative procedures, and organize bidding for this project by the end of first quarter 2022, with the assistance from the local Department of Information and Technology.

In March 20201, the city approved the plan to apply IT in state management, digital government development, and cyber security maintenance for the period from 2021-2025, with the main targets as follows:

100 percent of popular level-3 and level-4 online public services related to citizens and businesses are integrated into the National Public Service Portal; 50 percent of level-3 and level-4 documents for public services are handled online; 80 percent of administrative procedures meet the requirements for carrying out online level-3 and level-4 public services; 90 percent, 80 percent, and 60 percent of documents in provincial-level, district-level (including Thu Duc City), and ward-level respectively are handled online.

Ho Chi Minh City is in the top-5 localities in Vietnam regarding e-government, in the top-3 of IT implementation, and in the top-3 as to cyber security.

Hai Dang

HCM City has first automated administrative service

HCM City has first automated administrative service

Residents of District 6 in Ho Chi Minh City can now use files at any time at the first 24/7 automatic file receiver and returner system at the office of the District 6 People's Committee.

55 public services to be provided on National Public Service Portal

55 public services to be provided on National Public Service Portal

The Prime Minister has approved a list of 55 online public services that need to be provided on the National Public Service Portal in 2021.