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Hanoi approves controversial work near Hoan Kiem Lake

 VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoi has approved the construction of the controversial Ho Guom Lake Cultural Center at 2 Le Thai To Street, 12m from Hoan Kiem Lake, closing a four-year-long debate.

Battle looms over proposed Hoan Kiem cultural centre

 VietNamNet Bridge – A project to build a four-storey cultural centre 12 metres from Hoan Kiem Lake has resurfaced after four years of consideration and heated debate.

Hanoi listed among top 10 culturally rich cities

Hanoi has been listed among the world’s top 10 culturally rich cities that travellers need to visit at least once in their lifetime, according to Lifehack – a website specializing in providing tips for a better life.

Image: Hoan Kiem Lake - Hanoi's green treasures

 VietNamNet Bridge - Hoan Kiem Lake is the most distinctive symbol of the capital, associated with the legend of King Le Thai To returning the magic sword to the turtle god after defeating the Ming invaders in the 15th century.

TripAdvisor names 95 attractions in Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge – TripAdvisor, the US’s premier travel website, has rated the best 95 attractions in Hanoi in 2014 based on the reviews from people who have visited the capital city of Vietnam.

Hoan Kiem Lake becomes special national relic

 VietNamNet Bridge – On February 22, the Hanoi People's Committee received the national monument certificates for the Hai Ba Trung Temple, Hat Mon Temple, Phu Dong Temple, Hoan Kiem Lake - Ngoc Son Temple and Tay Dang communal house.

Hanoi - A Century Ago

 VietNamNet Bridge – “Hanoi, Colours 1914-1917” is the title of an exhibition that features the beauty of Hanoi through the first 60 colour photos taken about 100 years ago.

Street portrait season kicks off

VietNamNet Bridge – It is portrait season at historical and cultural sites in Ha Noi, such as Van Mieu and Hoan Kiem Lake. During Tet, enterprising professional and amateur painters and fine arts students can earn as much as VND1 million a day

Hoan Kiem Lake is beautiful in four seasons

 VietNamNet Bridge - Green in spring, red in summer, yellow in autumn and silver in winter are the colors that make the beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi.

Couple bicycling around the world arrive in Hanoi

 VietNamNet Bridge – A German couple - Alexander Babriel and Jana Halloun, who are on a bicycle tour around the world and have ridden bicycles through 13 countries during the past year, recently arrived in Hanoi.

Reflections on Hanoi

 VietNamNet Bridge – After a few months in Hanoi, Ounkham Pimmata considers the differences between his hometown of Vientiane and Vietnam’s capital city.

Sword Lake in fog

 VietNamNet Bridge - When the last leaves of autumn fall; when the thin mist of early morning fly on the Hoan Kiem (Sword) Lake; it is the time Hanoi enters winter.

Hanoi pedestrian zones to open in December

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Hanoi People’s Committee is close to completing a project to expand pedestrian streets in the capital’s Old Quarter.

Autumn - the most beautiful days in Hanoi

 VietNamNet Bridge - The seasonal rains, cool winds, sweet scent of milky flowers, sunshine on yellow leaves, ... the fall has come to Hanoi, gentle and subtle.

Suave steakhouse sizzles in the heart of Ha Noi

 VietNamNet Bridge – Ha Noi doesn't have a High Street, although Hai Ba Trung may be as close as it comes.

Hoan Kiem Lake is beautiful in exhibition

 VietNamNet Bridge - Hoang Manh Cuong, Nguyen Lam Phuc and Nguyen Xuan Chinh are displaying their 20 works featuring Hoan Kiem Lake at an exhibition that opened at No. 16 Le Thai To, Hanoi on October 8.

Hanoi electric buggies spark success

VietNamNet Bridge – Hanoi’s electric buggy service has carried more than 1 million tourists on tours around the capital’s Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake in the heart of the city over the past three years,

Expats do morning exercises at Hoan Kiem Lake

 VietNamNet Bridge – The movement of doing morning exercise has become so common in Hanoi, attracting foreigners every morning on the Hoan Kiem lakeside with tai chi and laughter yoga exercises.

Hanoi upgrades public toilets

 VietNamNet Bridge – Ha Noi plans to upgrade seven public toilets in the city's Old Quarter on a trial basis to serve tourists and local residents.

Parking chaos returns to capital

 VietNamNet Bridge – A year after the imposition of a ban on vehicles parking in 262 streets in nine districts in the capital, many locations have returned to their initial chaos.