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Serving from beer, cocktail to wine or playing from pop, rock, acoustic, jazz to techno, each bar & club contributes to the diverse color to the night life in the city.

Manhole covers in Hanoi showcase hidden art exhibition

A range of ceramic artworks have been placed on manhole covers around Trang Tien and Dinh Tien Hoang streets in Hoan Kiem district of Hanoi, with plenty of passers-by taking an interest in the pieces.

Hanoi dump transformed into art space

Recent measures have seen a waste site that stretches along the Red River’s bank in Phuc Tan ward of Hoan Kiem district in Hanoi be drastically changed into a beautiful art space.

Hanoi to pilot smart public toilet

ToiletSmartPublic applies automation and information technology, making a difference compared to ordinary toilets.

Fantastic “Hong Kong Alley” in hub of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

The “Hong Kong Alley” has emerged as an instagramable setting in Hanoi where young people can capture the most satisfying shots according to Hong Kong style with the colorful lights shimmering as in movies.

Hanoi’s air quality worsens once again

The air quality in the capital city of Hanoi has once again worsened with its PM2.5 levels exceeding national standards and being situated at harmful levels.

Relaxing lake getaways in Hanoi

 Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is popular for its lakes that provide a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Hanoi’s lakes from flying cameras

 VietNamNet Bridge - From a height of over 200m, Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake look clean, green and peaceful in the bustling city.

Portraits put money in student pockets

 VietNamNet Bridge – Professional and amateur painters, particularly fine arts students, can earn money by sketching portraits of passers-by at historical and cultural sites in Ha Noi -- though many quit due to the cold.

Hanoi: Cyclos to be replaced by tramcars

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Hanoi City People's Committee has allowed Hoan Kiem District to expand the tramcar tours, to gradually replace cyclo tours.

200 “Santa Clauses” laugh on Hoan Kiem lakeside

VietNamNet Bridge – On the morning of December 23, more than 200 members of the Laughter Yoga Club wore the Santa outfit to participate in the Christmas Smile festival on the Hoan Kiem lakeside, Hanoi.