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Continuous earthquakes in Kon Tum caused by hydropower project

Initially, scientists have determined that the earthquakes in Kon Plong District are earthquake excitations caused by the water reservoir of the hydropower projects but they are not serious.

Hydroelectricity: New mission from controversial energy source

Despite its long history, hydroelectricity and its sustainable development have always been a matter of controversy. 

Energy production needs better coordination to prevent power shortages

The Prime Minister has warned that if electricity shortages occur, some officials will lose their positions.

The National Assembly discusses forests, small hydroelectricity plants and floods

The first session of the National Assembly's discussion on the socio-economic situation that was broadcast live yesterday attracted the attention of voters and people nationwide.

Rao Trang 3 accident suggests a reconsideration of small hydropower projects

Hydropower is meant to not only generate renewable energy but also contain floods and regulate water currents.

Floods, climate change and hydropower

Natural disasters and floods have devastated central Vietnam at a record level. So far, 130 people have been reported dead, and 18 others are missing.

Minister warns about development of small-scale hydropower

Answering the local press on the sidelines of the National Assembly session, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Tran Hong Ha said the principle of his ministry is ‘not to develop small-scale hydropower at any cost’.

Can we get back what has been lost?

The answer is yes, if each of us is "startled", to stop and start over. Do not use the sacred wood of the forest. Do not destroy the forest for the purpose of economic development.

We are 'trading nature for economic benefits': senior expert

Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Lung, Director of the Institute of Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification, has been working in the forestry industry for nearly 60 years. He is called "the man of the forest". 

What cause disasters in central Vietnam?

Many people have died in the central region, thousands of people are living outdoors, and infrastructure has been destroyed by floods and landslides. Why does the central region suffer from disasters every year?

Khanh Hoa cancels 4 hydropower projects from electricity development plan

The government of the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa has canceled four hydropower projects from its electricity development plan as they may encroach on a large forest area and pose a high risk to the environment.

Resources that need conserving

Statistics show that the electricity demand is growing at a rate three times higher than that of the electricity output supplied to the market. 

Science-led solutions needed for Lower Mekong region: Experts

Voices, opinions, and experiences from the local community and experts should be taken seriously for any policy making process.

Solar power grows 28-fold in Vietnam's energy mix

In the first three months, EVN mobilised 2.76 billion kWh of renewable energy, including 2.31 billion kWh of solar power, signifying a 28-fold increase on-year.

China limited the Mekong’s flow. Other countries suffered a drought.

New research show that Beijing’s engineers appear to have directly caused the record low levels of water in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Kon Tum's river depleted as hydropower plants store water

Hundreds of hectares of crops are withering as Dak Snghe River in Kon Ray district in Kon Tum province is being blocked by two hydropower plants.

Chaleun Sekong Group acquires two hydro power plants of HAGL

Chaleun Sekong Group has spent $97.83 million on buying up Hoang Anh Gia Lai Hydro Power JSC, despite news that the company operates without profit.

Completing policies to ensure benefits for resettled people and immigrants

Taking care of accommodation for people in the planned areas is a matter of proper care, ensuring a balance between the effectiveness of the projects and the legitimate rights of the people.


Vietnam considers new policy to operate hydropower plants on Da River

Running across the northwest highlands of Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Son La and Hoa Binh before going down to Phu Tho to merge into the Red River, DA River makes a great contribution to the national grid system.

Should all electricity be purchased from Vietnam Electricity Group?

Buying electricity directly from private companies running renewable energy power plants, and not through Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), is being considered.