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Ministries work to share driving licence database

The Transport Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security and the Directorate for Roads of Viet Nam under the Ministry of Transport have agreed to share a driving licence management database.

Illegal logging bedevils central provinces

 VietNamNet Bridge – Two illegal logging cases were discovered in the central province’s Dong Giang and Nam Giang districts in March, with 77 big trees chopped down.

How many super-rich are there in Vietnam?

Vietnam has over 200 super-rich people who have $30 million and more. The figure is lower than that of Singapore (2,170), Indonesia (1,950) and Thailand (1,250).

Vietnamese crazy about high-street fashion brands

VietNamNet Bridge - The images of fans standing up in long queues in front of fashion shops waiting for their turn to buy goods show the great potential of the Vietnamese market. 

As urban children lack playgrounds, more leisure centers will be built

VietNamNet Bridge - Though amusement and shopping centers for children are still not bringing satisfactory profits, investors remain interested in the sector. 

Real estate M&As expected to reach record high in 2017

VietNamNet Bridge - According to the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA), foreign investors have poured capital into 19 of 21 business fields so far this year, of which real estate ranks second with investment capital of $53 billion.

Which animal would you be? Companies’ choices reflect their business ethos

VietNamNet Bridge - The Gioi Di Dong wants to be a leopard, Vietjet a pigeon, Masan a wild boar and FPT a herd of bees. What’s the philosophy behind the choices?

Finance Ministry rejects LG Display’s plan to increase investment capital

The Ministry of Finance’s (MOF) move to reject LG Display’s plan to increase investment capital by $90 million to $1.59 billion shows state agencies’ concern about possible financial imbalance if foreign-invested enterprises rely heavily on loans.

What do the nicknames of well-known businessmen mean?

VietNamNet Bridge - These businessmen are well known not only for their huge assets but also for their unique nicknames. 

Vietnam probably has more than two dollar billionaires

VietNamNet Bridge - Two Vietnamese dollar billionaires have been officially recognized through stock assets  exceeding one billion dollars, but the real number of dollar billionaires could be higher.

Vietnamese parents overindulge their children: educators

VietNamNet Bridge - The common error that most Vietnamese parents commit is that they overindulge children, thus bringing them up to be dependent people lacking in creativity, according to educators.

Can Vietnam have a university in the world’s top 100?

VietNamNet Bridge - In August 2013, Russian President Putin signed a decree approving the 5TOP100 project which aims to put at least five Russian schools into the list of 100 best universities in the world.

Businesses set up retail chains to seek part of multi-billion dollar pie

VietNamNet Bridge - Many Vietnamese entrepreneurs are willing to spend billions of dollars and race against time to build their own retail chains as foreign groups flock to Vietnam’s promising market.

Grocery shopping services boom in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Grocery shopping services are expected to develop strongly in Vietnam as people want to order food and essential goods without having to leave their homes or offices.

Will garment companies reap huge benefits from TPP when tariffs fall?

Vietnamese textile & garment companies won’t directly benefit from the $1 billion worth of tax from sales to the US once the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) takes effect, officials have affirmed. 

Despite tax hike, Vietnam still attractive to foreign auto manufacturers

VietNamNet Bridge - While complaining about difficulties, foreign automobile manufacturers still could reap fruit in 2015. Despite big problems, they still want to cooperate with Vietnam’s automobile industry.

Providing airport services is lucrative business

VietNamNet Bridge - The increasingly high number of airline passengers has allowed airport service providers to make stable profits.

What is the scenario for the VN Index in 2016?

VietNamNet Bridge - Despite a lot of unknowns and current bad performance, analysts still believe a 7-12 percent increase of the VN Index can be reached in 2016.

Will climate change destroy Vietnam’s agriculture?

VietNamNet Bridge - If the sea water level rises by one meter, the rice growing area will be cut by half, from 4 million to 2 million hectares, experts say.

Vietnamese steel manufacturers warn about “Formosa danger”

VietNamNet Bridge - Formosa could be a “long-term danger for all domestic structural steel manufacturers”, experts have warned.