Industry 4.0 Summit

Update news Industry 4.0 Summit

Harnessing a digital future

With its vast potential of e-commerce development thanks to surging IT and wide smartphone coverage, Vietnam is trying to build its own digital economy fuelled by a hallmark strategy on Industry 4.0.

Adopting smart manufacturing lines

Domestic enterprises are embracing robotics and advanced technologies in their production lines to boost smart manufacturing activities, but there is a long road ahead for those wishing to keep up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Expanding the global role for Vietnam’s SMEs

Vietnam considers domestic private enterprises as an important driving force for the economy which is looking to become an integrated and modern one. 

Vietnam ready to embrace Industry 4.0

Vietnam is taking strong actions to speed up the application of Industry 4.0 technology, making changes in fields of production, business, cultural and social life, as well as national defence and security.