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As a reporter in charge of macroeconomic news, I always seek to read statistics because figures are not biased and allow me to have an overall view of things. But, honestly speaking, not all statistics give me a sense of confidence.

VN businesses hit by ‘price storm’

Many business fields have been witnessing a rapid recovery after the Covid-19 outbreak. However, difficulties are ahead as they lack capital and petrol prices are escalating.

Support for businesses vital for economic recovery

During the current ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is of utmost importance that government authorities introduce policies that provide maximum support to keep businesses afloat, and sustain the economy as well.

Expert believes inflation could fall below 4% this year

With the consumer price index (CPI) increasing by 1.47% during the first half of the year, the lowest rise since 2016, it remains entirely feasible for the country to keep inflation below 4% this year.

Bank deposit interest rates up, as stock market, real estate investing risky

Depositing money at banks is currently the safest and most profitable investment channel, as Covid-19 developments remain complicated and the stock market is "hot" and, thus, risky.


Banks cut lending interest rates to lowest level in years

Banks have cut lending interest rates, now at the lowest levels in many years, to help people and businesses hit hard by Covid-19.


Deposit interest rates rising despite pandemic

After many months of staying at low levels, deposit interest rates at banks have increased since late May.

CPI inches up 0.16 percent in May

Vietnam’s consumer price index (CPI) in May was up 0.16 percent agaisnt April and 2.9 percent from last year, reported the General Statistics Office (GSO) on May 29.

Finance Ministry asks localities to enhance price stabilization

Due to the complicated Covid-19 situation, MOF has written to the governments of provinces and cities asking them to enhance price stabilization and management following Deputy PM Le Minh Khai’s directive on price governance in 2021.


Vietnamese strategy: overcoming the pandemic, maintaining high economic growth

Vietnam’s economy is witnessing an impressive rebound and is expected to be among the best recovering economies in the world despite Covid-19 resurgence in neighboring countries.

Vietnam set to become second largest economy in Southeast Asia

Vietnam aims to become the second largest economy in Southeast Asia by 2030 thanks to its sound economic performance, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has said.

Inflation rate rises, new interest rates set

Some commercial banks have raised deposit interest rates following an 8-year inflation rate high in February. Analysts believe a new interest rate floor will be set in the second quarter.

Businesses stay steadfast and flexible like bamboo, despite pandemic

Amid difficulties, many Vietnamese businesses are still staying firm and seeking opportunities to rise up. The Vietnamese spirit has helped them survive and prosper, further developing the economy.

Vietnam shows its 'firm stuff' after five years of difficulties

The US-China trade war, Brexit, the US withdrawal from TPP, Covid-19 and internal difficulties all have affected Vietnam’s economy in the last five years.

GSO leader hails 2020 as year of success in inflation control

Director General of the General Statistics Office (GSO) Nguyen Thi Huong has stressed that 2020 is considered a year of success in inflation control.

World struggles amid uncertainties, Vietnam prepares for new cycle

The pandemic and uncertainties have put pressure on the global economy. However, Vietnam, though facing many risks, is expected to continue growing well.

Recovery continues

As opposed to that of supply, the recovery of demand remains weaker, which means that the recovery of growth in the coming time will depend largely upon whether consumers can bolster their purchasing power

Pandemic weighs on budget

The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to weigh on socio-economic development and State budget in 2021 and the years that follow, Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung said.

Virtual and real metrics

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has proposed adding some indexes not yet stated in the statutory economic criteria, such as per capita gross domestic product (GDP), contribution of TFP to growth and labor productivity.

Salary increases in 2020 lowest in 10 years: survey

Salaries increased by 6.5% this year at multinational companies (MNCs) and 5.2% at Vietnamese companies, and are forecast to increase by 7 per cent and 7.7% next year, according to the Talentnet – Mercer Total Remuneration Survey.