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Update news inflation rate

The prices of essential goods and services have been increasing rapidly, while the personal income tax (PIT) has remained unchanged over the six years.

Census results to help government form new policies

Within four months, the preliminary results of the Vietnam 2019 Population and Housing Census will be made public. Information about population, education level, jobs, housing and migration will be helpful to form new policies.

Keeping inflation at below 4 percent: a challenge for Vietnam this year

VietNamNet Bridge - A National Assembly resolution stipulates that the overall goals of Vietnam’s economy in 2019 are stabilizing the macro-economy and controlling inflation.

Vietnam feels pressure as Chinese economic growth slows

VietNamNet Bridge - The Chinese yuan has depreciated sharply, while the Chinese Q3 GDP growth rate is the lowest in the last decade. 

Petrol price hike may lead to high inflation

Macroeconomic targets were built with the presumed crude oil price at below $50 per barrel. However, the price has exceeded the $90 per barrel threshold, nearing $100.

Vietnam’s economy in 2018-2020 as seen by PM’s advisory team

The inflation rate in all three scenarios drawn up by the Prime Minister’s economic advisory team is below 4 percent.

Can Vietnam escape the '10-year crisis cycle’?

‘High expectations’ and ‘excessive optimism’ were the phrases used by Huynh The Du, training director of the Fulbright Economics Teaching Programm (FETP), in describing the 10-year crisis cycle.

7.02% GDP growth rate scenarios: the pressure to reform

VietNamNet Bridge - Economists agree that Vietnam may obtain 7.02 percent GDP growth rate this year, but there are challenges to overcome.

Foreigners may quit stock market if inflation is high: analysts

VietNamNet Bridge - High inflation may put pressure on the exchange rate and prompt foreign investors to withdraw capital from Vietnam’s stock market, analysts say.

High CPI increase raises concerns about inflation in 2018

VietNamNet Bridge - The CPI soared by 0.55 percent in May as reported by the General Statistics Office (GSO), a six-year high. 

Will cash continue to flow into banks?

Stable inflation rates have helped attract depositors. However, the recent incidents of depositors losing money at some banks, plus the rise of many attractive investment channels, will divert cash flow from banks.

Quantifying informal economic sector just for reference: economists

The General Statistics Office is working on a plan to assess the value created by the informal economic sector as per the government’s request. 

GDP growth rate for 2017 questioned by experts

The 6.81 percent GDP growth rate in 2017 has been announced by GSO (General Statistics Office), the only agency in Vietnam in charge of providing official statistics. However, leading experts question the figure.

How will the Vietnam economy be in 2018?

ADB (Asian Development Bank) has predicted a 6.8 percent GDP growth rate for Vietnam in 2018, a figure which is much higher than the average growth rate in the region.

Real estate association claims HCM City won’t face real estate bubble

The Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA) predicted stable development for the city real estate sector and claimed that there would not be a real estate bubble in 2018.

VNA selects 10 outstanding economic events in 2017

Vietnam News Agency (VNA) has selected what it considers to be the 10 most outstanding economic events of Vietnam in 2017.

Greater efforts to build a facilitating government

Cabinet members have been resolute in building a facilitating government this year .

Optimistic business trends up in 2018

According to the General Statistics Office (GSO), in the fourth quarter of 2017, 44.8 per cent of firms reported better business performance in Q4 than Q3.

Vietnam’s economic growth patterns questioned by experts

VietNamNet Bridge - The unexpected jump in the GDP growth rate in the third quarter of the year remains controversial.

Vietnam’s middle class enriches foreign companies

The top concern of foreign investors seeking to expand their business in Vietnam is the strong rise of the middle class.