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Many enterprises say that Vietnam lacks effective tools to fight unhealthy competition. There are legal documents to cover the issue but it is difficult to apply and enforce them.

WIPO wants to establish Vietnam Intellectual Property Training Institute

The Deputy General Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Hasan Kleib made recommendations to promote the development of the intellectual property ecosystem in Vietnam during his recent working visit to Vietnam.

NA Standing Committee looks into copyright of national flag, emblem, anthem

The Standing Committee of the 15th National Assembly (NA) scrutinised the latest version of a draft law revising and supplementing some articles of the Law on Intellectual Property during its 8th session on February 15.

ST25 is a generic rice variety, not a brand: NOIP

The National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) says the ST25 rice variety has been granted a Protective Certificate No 21.VN.2020 under Decision No 45/QD-TT-VPBH dated March 6, 2020 by the director of the Department of Crop Production.

Vietnamese engineers register inventions in the US

The strategy of mastering the high-tech industry at a world-class level has been the foundation for Viettel Group’s engineers to now have four patents protected as intellectual property in the US.

Origin fraud threatens local exporters

After a local silk importer was recently found to be disguising Chinese products as Vietnamese to sell them in India, experts have warned of the risks of losing out on exports and preferential tariffs due to intellectual property (IP) violations.

Vietnam 42nd in global innovation index

Vietnam ranked 42nd among 131 economies for the second consecutive year in the 2020 Global Innovation Index (GII), the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has announced.

E-commerce companies called to account for fake books in circulation

E-commerce companies cannot deny their responsibilities behind the rampage of fake books on their platforms.

VN scientists say it is difficult to commercialize inventions

Many products have an average life expectancy of 10-15 years. If they cannot be commercialized, they will be 'put in mothballs' , said Nguyen Tan Dung, Chemical Technology and Food Dean of the HCM City University of Technology and Education.

Websites showing free movies without copyright persist

The effort to block websites providing noncopyrighted movies has brought initial success, but after one website ‘dies’, another website often arises.

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In a land where piracy rules, honest merchants struggle for survival

Whether it’s for movies, books, music, art or software, intellectual property is seldom treated seriously in Vietnam. And in a market where copyright infringement has become popular, content providers have a hard time scratching out an existence.

Vietnam learns to settle disputes through lawsuits

 VietNamNet Bridge – Instead of closing eyes to the intellectual property (IP) infringement or trying to settle disputes through conciliation, Vietnamese nowadays tend to bring the cases to court.

TPP’s intellectual property remains toughest issue for Vietnam

The strict claims filed by the US on the issues relating to the intellectual property during the negotiations for the Trans Pacific Strategic Partnership Agreement (TPP) are believed to put big difficulties for Vietnamese enterprises.


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The same businesses’ names raise serious conflicts

 VietNamNet Bridge – More and more conflicts caused by the existence of the same names of businesses have been reported. However, in many cases, the problems cannot be settled to the every root.

Vinamit has got halfway to reclaim Duc Thanh brand from Chinese

The review court to adjudicate the dispute of the Duc Thanh brand in China is expected to open in late April. Vinamit, a well-known Vietnamese farm produce processor, hopes the court would finish the 5-year lawsuit on end.

The “domain name baron” threatened to be sued

Nguyen Trong Khoa, who is well known as the “domain name baron,” may be sued by Eurowindow as a blackmailer.

Travel firms want their brands protected

VietNamNet Bridge – Travel firms complain that the current laws do not protect them from the rivals who illegally use their brands.