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IPs set up, but Vietnam still needs to do more to attract investors

There were positive developments of industrial parks in Vietnam in the first five months of the year, but experts still say the country should do more to attract big investors.

Universities urged to seek IP protection for applied research products

Enterprises have been reluctant to cooperate with universities on commercialisation of their inventions and products because of the lack of intellectual property (IP) protection, according to the Vietnam Invention Association.

Most businesses willing to spend money on patents overseas

VietNamNet Bridge - While it costs VND1 million only to obtain a patent in Vietnam, millions of dollars are needed to obtain a patent overseas.

Will Vietnam replace China to become the world’s industrial center?

Vietnam will become a new industrial center in the world, while its products such as footwear and garments will enjoy big benefits when TPP takes effect.


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In a land where piracy rules, honest merchants struggle for survival

Whether it’s for movies, books, music, art or software, intellectual property is seldom treated seriously in Vietnam. And in a market where copyright infringement has become popular, content providers have a hard time scratching out an existence.

Vietnam learns to settle disputes through lawsuits

 VietNamNet Bridge – Instead of closing eyes to the intellectual property (IP) infringement or trying to settle disputes through conciliation, Vietnamese nowadays tend to bring the cases to court.

44 workers hospitalized due to hunger

 VietNamNet Bridge – The authorities have identified that 44 workers in Hau Giang province, were hospitalized on March 1 not because of food poisoning but hunger, leading to hypoglycemia and calcium reduction.