iPhone 15 series xách tay tại Việt Nam. Ảnh: Nhật Huy Mobile

The iPhone 15 series has been available for order from Apple authorized retail stores (AAR) in Vietnam since September 22. It is expected that these stores will deliver products to customers on September 29.

Although retail systems reported that some iPhone 15 series lines "sold out" within a few hours, they do not expect much profit from this product due to fierce competition in the market.

Representatives of some AAR stores said that in the past, iPhone retail business was considered "the goose that lays golden eggs". Whenever a new iPhone series was released, profit from the initial sales period could ensure revenue for the store to operate for six months. However, that golden age has passed.

After Apple opened online stores in Vietnam, iPhone retail business became a race on the "price" of domestic distribution systems, starting from the iPhone 14 series.

“Since the online Apple Store was launched in Vietnam, pressure on domestic retail stores rose. Domestic retailers must find ways to sell products as quickly as they can, otherwise they will not be provided with more goods. Many retailers are willing to sell at a loss. This happened for the iPhone 14 series last year and this will likely continue to repeat with the iPhone 15 series,” said a representative of an AAR chain.

Representatives of AAR stores also disclosed that along with the iPhone, they have to sell other Apple products such as cases, headphones, even iPads and iMacs. According to VietNamNet sources, last year, to win a large shipment of iPhone 14 series, a domestic store system had to hold a big batch of iMacs. Until now, there are still many iMacs unsold.

Although iPhones will not arrive for Vietnamese customers until September 29, some Vietnamese users already own Apple's new iPhone products: some people paid 70 million VND to buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max 1GB version on September 22.

Currently, iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB version is being sold from 39,990,000 VND to 43,990,000 VND depending on product color. The iPhone 15 Pro 128GB version costs from 33,990,000 VND to 34,990,000 VND.

Le My