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Mobile phone prices are falling sharply, with dealers offering price discounts of up to 50 percent for iPhone 11, 12 and 13 models.

Prices for some iPhone models in Vietnam are the lowest worldwide

The prices for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models in Vietnam are among the lowest in the world.

iPhone has faster internet connection speed than Samsung, Oppo in Vietnam

All five mobile phone models with the highest average internet connection speed in Vietnam in Q1 2022 were Apple products.

iPhone contributes huge revenue to Vietnamese tech retailers

iPhone is in the group of smartphones that bring in the highest revenue for Vietnamese retailers.

iPhone13 prices plummet just after two months

Two months after hitting the domestic market, iPhone 13 smartphones hand carried from Singapore and Hong Kong have seen prices drop dramatically by VND10 million, while officially distributed Apple phone products have fallen by VND5 million.

Apple takes steps to reduce “hand-carried” iPhone market in Vietnam

The market for “hand-carried” iPhones in Vietnam has been shrinking in the past two years, especially after the launch of Apple-authorized stores.

iPhone 12 users in Vietnam can now use 5G services

iPhone 12 users now can experience the features that 5G can offer.

Apple speeds up output shift of iPhones and iPads in Vietnam

Apple is accelerating the production of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other products in India and Vietnam in an effort to diversify its supply chain outside of China.

What is Digiworld seeking from strategic cooperation with Apple?

Digiworld Corporation has embarked on strategic cooperation with Apple, though purchasing power in Vietnam is showing signs of slowdown.

Digiworld to distribute Apple products in Vietnam

Digiworld Corporation will start selling Apple products from the end of this month, confirmed Doan Hong Viet, the company’s chairman and general director.

Local Vsmart phones reports better sales than Apple in retail channel

 Phones made by local manufacturer Vsmart have surpassed those of US giant Apple, in terms of retail revenue in the Vietnamese market in January.

iPhone 11 price falls after one month in Vietnam

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max have seen prices decrease by VND500,000 and VND1 million, respectively. The sharpest price reduction, VND1.5 million, has been reported for iPhone 11 Pro.

Used Apple Watches arrive in Vietnam en masse at cheap prices

The Apple Watch Series 1 are being sold without charging accessories and watchbands.

Who are the potential clients for Vsmart’s huge smartphone plant?

As the habit of Vietnamese smartphone users has changed, mobile network operators in Vietnam can now cooperate with Vsmart to provide smartphones at low prices with associated service packages.

iPhone XS, XS Max without Face ID flowing into Vietnam

iPhone XS and XS Max with faulty Face ID are being offered by some private shops at prices VND2-3 million lower than nearly brand new (99 percent) products. However, their quality is questionable.

Mobile market on decline, distributors see different business results

Mobile phone sales in the Vietnamese market decreased in the last three months, which has been anticipated.

Taxi driver detained for stealing foreign cop's phone

A taxi driver has been detained for stealing an iPhone X from a foreign passenger, who happened to be a police officer, the Hà Nội Police Investigation Agency said.


The different fates of Vietnamese mobile phone brands

While Mobiistar products have disappeared from large distribution chains, Vsmart Live have been selling like hot cakes, though both are Vietnamese brands.

Will Foxconn's expansion lead to iPhone production in Vietnam?

The expansion of Foxconn's investment in Vietnam may lead to the eventual production of iPhones in the country.

iPhone 11 Pro not favored in Vietnam

Some private shops have stopped selling iPhone 11 Pro, though the model is considered higher in grade than iPhone 11 and has the same configuration and camera as iPhone 11 Pro Max.