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Removing land price table to prevent real estate overheating

Removal of the land price framework issued by the Government will make the market more transparent and prevent real estate from skyrocketing.

Will housing prices cool down in late 2022?

The boost in sales and the slowdown of the land bank expansion are expected to help  land and house prices decrease in the remaining quarters of 2022, according to VNDirect Research.

Land fever subsides, amateur investors leave real estate market

People who rushed to buy real estate during the latest land fever have left the market as prices have decreased.

Land fever: bad consequences and new solutions

Since doi moi (renovation) in 1986, the Vietnamese real estate market has witnessed many ups and downs, including four “price fevers” so far.

Land prices in Hanoi area surge by 30-50 percent

Real estate prices in transactions rose in the first three months of the year, according to the Ministry of Construction (MOC).

Land fever phenomenon needs immediate state control

Many speculators in Vietnam have recently rushed to buy land lots in seemingly potential areas, in hope of earning big money.

News about auction leaks out, land prices rise

Some localities have not strictly followed procedures when auctioning land.

Ministry of Construction vows to control real estate brokers

The Ministry of Construction said that it plans to set strict regulations to tighten control over real estate brokers. There are about 300,000 brokers in Vietnam.

Digital transformation: Transparent way to combat “land fever”

When people lack information about planning and land use plans, especially projects under survey or preparation phases, it is easy for land brokers or traders to blow up land prices to seek profit. 


One square meter of forestland has value of half-pack of steamed glutinous rice

In 2021, Lam Dong provincial authorities asked the Nam Da Lat Urban Area project developer to pay compensation of VND19 billion for 257 hectares of forestland.


Land fever disturbs rural areas, housing dreams squashed

Land fever has attacked not only large cities but also rural areas, leaving young people without hope of buying a house.

Upward trend in prices predicted for housing market in 2022

The real estate market is predicted to recover and develop healthily in 2022 after experiencing a year of upheavals in 2021.

Construction ministry proposes legal amendment to prevent 'land fever'

Many real estate brokers lack professional knowledge and ethics and do ‘hit and run’ business, causing losses to customers by giving wrong advice or even cornering the market and causing artificial land fever.

Land fever: speculators spread rumors to push prices up

Land prices recently soared by VND30-50 million per square meter in some places, but the number of successful transactions was modest.

'Land fever' is subsiding

The real estate market has begun cooling down after a long hot spell.

'Land fever' harming the economy: experts

Realtors typically seek profits by developing the investment value of land, rather than by increasing land prices.

As land prices soar, land management in 26 provinces to be inspected

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has told local authorities to inventory land and report on land use. 

How can 'land fever' outbreaks be stopped?

A “land fever” is spreading throughout the country, from the North to the South, from the lowlands to the mountains. Everywhere, the price for land of all kinds, from housing to industrial to farming land is increasing.

Da Nang warns about property speculators

The Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment has warned that the tricks of several property speculators could drive up land prices in the central city after recent announcements of adjusted master planning.

Ministries tighten land management to prevent 'land fever'

The Ministry of Construction (MoC) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) have requested provinces and cities review State management on land prices amid 'land fever' in some localities.