Phan Dang Toan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Sa Pa Town, said on Wednesday that heavy flooding also occurred in Phin Ngan Commune, Bát Xát District, at 9pm, sweeping away one person in Suối Chải village.

According to preliminary information, heavy rain lasting approximately 30 minutes caused the water levels of three main streams in the Nam Pha, Nam Cang and Nam Than communicate to rise suddenly, preventing local residents from moving to a safe place.

Sudden flash floods also swept away all the salmon and sturgeon being raised and many other people's properties.

Roads leading to Lien Minh Commune have been cut off due to high floodwaters and extensive inundated areas, making rescue forces inaccessible.

Around 10 pm on Tuesday, rescue teams were finally able to reach the disaster-stricken area and retrieve the first two bodies swept away by the floodwaters, handing them over to their families.

On Wednesday morning, the chairman of the provincial People's Committee, Trinh Xuan Truong, directed rescue and relief efforts in Sa Pa Town, assisting residents in moving to safe places.

The heavy rain on Tuesday night also flooded many roads, causing local transportation to come to a standstill

The provincial Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue Department directed localities to closely monitor weather forecasts through media channels in order to implement specific plans and measures to mitigate damages.

A review of households living in areas prone to landslides, flash floods, inundation, and erosion was also needed to prepare for relocation plans. Equipment and on-site personnel must be ready for disaster prevention and response.

Investors and construction units were urged to strictly implement disaster prevention measures at construction sites.

Localities were required to monitor the state and assess the conditions of dams and hydroelectric plant reservoirs.

Patrols and warning signs were deployed in areas at risk of inundation, flash floods, landslides, and erosion to guide residents and vehicles and ensure their safety. 

Floods caused a lot of damage in Lien Minh commune. Photo: Anh Ngoc.

Landslide on Highway 4D, Lao Cai - Sa Pa section. Photo: Anh Ngoc.

Lao Cai officials make a field trip to Lien Minh commune. Photo: Anh Ngoc.

Strong floodwaters makes it difficult to search for flood victims. Photo: Anh Ngoc.