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PISA results show Vietnamese students good at academics, bad at soft skills

The absence of Vietnam in this year’s PISA ranking shows that students are equipped with academic knowledge, but lack experience and life skills.

VN education startups receive millions of US dollars worth of investments

Startup projects in the education sector have attracted huge investments from international venture funds.

Parents worry about life skill lessons at school

Many teachers are not trained to teach life skills, but still give the lessons at school.

Life skills teaching in Vietnam raises concerns

The fact that three preschool children in Ha Nam province got severe burns during lessons about calling for help and escape in emergency situations has raised worries about the teaching of life skills at school.

New education program: teachers’ competence plays key role

Tran Kieu, chair of the Vietnam Psychology – Education Association, noted that the new general education program (Program 2018) is designed to develop learners’ personal capabilities.

Vietnamese parents enroll kids in child-abuse prevention classes

Stunned by a series of child abuse cases discovered recently, parents are registering abuse prevention training courses for their children.

Education Dept’s request on praising bravery of ‘street knights’ creates public stir

The HCMC Education & Training Department has sent a dispatch to schools, asking them to commend the courage of five ‘street knights’ who were stabbed to death when trying to arrest armed thieves. 

Teaching children financial skills at a very young age

VietNamNet Bridge - Today, parents believe children need to learn about the value of money and how to spend it.

Children surrounded by “rubbish” books

VietNamNet Bridge - Educators have expressed deep concern about children’s books with nonsensical content which are sold at many shops in the country.

High school teacher dismayed about students’ lack of life skills

An informal survey of students’ life skills found that 12th graders lack general knowledge which they should have learned many years ago.