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Thousand-petal lotus: legendary flower now at a reasonable price

With no price bloating as in previous years, this season's thousand-petal lotus is a bargain. Hanoi’s ladies who love this type of lotus are eagerly closing sales.

Lotus flower season arrives on Hanoi streets

Vendors selling lotus flowers travel the streets in Hanoi as the flower season comes in late May.

Lotus key in boosting Dong Thap tourism

Its breathtaking natural landscapes and distinctive cultural and historical treasures have proven to be ideal for the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap to develop a host of appealing tourism products, especially those relating to lotus flowers.

Dreaming beauty of lotus in Ninh Binh

Lotus flowers are in full bloom in Ninh Binh Binh province, creating a poetic scene in the ancient city in northern Vietnam.

Lotus flowers bloom on the outskirts of Hanoi

Located over 50km from the centre of Hanoi, a lotus pond in An Phu commune, My Duc district, Hanoi, is in full bloom, attracting a large number of visitors to take photos.

Charming white lotus flowers spotted in bloom on outskirts of Hanoi

With pristine white lotus flowers starting to enter full bloom in a thousand-square-metre pond located in Tam Hung commune of Hanoi’s outlying Thanh Oai district, 

Summer flowers in Hanoi

When May arrives, the capital city of Hanoi dazzles as flowers bloom.

Lotus dreams

Lotus is the iconic flower of Dong Thap province in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Food, drinks and various products made from lotus are popular among local residents.

Vietnam urged to develop digital platforms of its own

“If we don’t develop our own digital platforms, we will still just be hired workers in the next 15-20 years,” said Tran Thanh Hai, who was the CEO of beGroup.

Vietnamese social networks expect 90m users amid competition with Facebook

Vietnamese social networks were set to have 90 million users by the end of 2020, the communications minister said on Friday, as the Government kept pushing hard to break the foreign monopoly in Vietnam.

Vietnamese social networks struggle to gain 60 million users

Will the third internet wave bring opportunities to Vietnam’s social networks that aim to gain users from Facebook?

Vietnamese social networks: what do they need to do to succeed?

Gapo, Lotus and Astra, the three Vietnamese social networks, have debuted within a short time. But Facebook remains the favorite social network in Vietnam.

How will Vietnam’s social networks compete?

Lotus, the newly launched ‘made in Vietnam’ social network, aims to focus on distributing content for press agencies and entertainment content producers.

Made-in-Vietnam social network Lotus to be launched this week

VCCorp has announced that the pilot version of its VND700 billion ($30.1 million) Lotus social network will officially be launched on September 16.


Vietnam thirsty for green real estate

Only a small proportion of construction works in Vietnam can obtain certificates for green real estate, but the demand is increasing rapidly in the context of climate change.

West Lake's hidden treasures

Hanoi’s Tay Ho district has the capital city’s largest lake called Ho Tay or West Lake.

Lotus blossoms flourish in Hanoi’s streets

Although it lasts in a short time during summer, lotus leaves a strong impression on Vietnamese people.

Ukrainian model poses with Hanoi lotus flowers

A photo collection in which a Ukrainian model has posed with lotus flowers in Hanoi has attracted public interest.

Environmentally-friendly building materials in high demand

Energy-saving glass, unburnt bricks and nano paint are in demand from owners of construction works who are following the ‘green’ trend.


Hanoi’s West Lake is now an interesting place to enjoy a cup of lotus tea, although the flower is now less commonly grown on the lake’s waters.