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The gold-plated Rolls Royce and luxury yacht that belonged to billionaire Trinh Van Quyet, who has been arrested for stock market manipulation, remain unsold after two auctions.

Luxury car purchasing power improves but deliveries are delayed

The luxury car market in H1 saw sales increasing significantly. But many clients were told to wait six months to a year for delivery.

Vietnamese willing to spend big money on super cars

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese are some of Southeast Asia’s biggest buyers of luxury cars.

Yachts, motorboats: new HCMC "toys"

 VietNamNet Bridge – Yachts are becoming the new "luxury cars" in HCM City. Well, almost.

Luxury cars face higher tax

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Government plans to increase special consumption tax on luxury passenger cars by up to 150%, according to a proposal recently passed to the National Assembly (NA).

Ministries at odds over special consumption tax on autos

 VietNamNet Bridge – While the Ministry of Finance wants the highest special consumption tax rate imposed on autos, at 75% of a car’s value, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is pushing for a maximum of 150%.

Figures on luxury cars reveal wealth of Vietnamese upstarts

Ten of the 50 Mercedes-Maybach S600 cars to be made in 2015 have been ordered by Vietnamese. Most of the world’s famous fashion brands are present in Vietnam. The country is the seventh-biggest gold consumer in the world.

Driving luxury cars: who says Vietnamese are poor?

The Vietnamese people at times are proud when they talk about the country’s number of luxury cars – an indicator of the dissipation of the rich in Vietnam and they do not forget to comment further, "Who says Vietnamese people are poor?”

Ministries disagree on taxation rate on luxury cars

 VietNamNet Bridge – As the ministries of Finance and Industry and Trade still disagree on tax policies, automobile manufacturers have no other choice than to keep a wait-and-see attitude.

In Vietnam, the rich advised to not buy luxury cars

 VietNamNet Bridge – In Vietnam’s metropolises like Hanoi and HCM City, even if you drive a super-car, your speed cannot exceed 40km per hour and your car will have to inch in traffic jams or floods.


 Vietnam, Russia sign oil, gas exploration deal; PM instructs composition of 2015 socio-economic plan; Mekong Delta fetches nearly US$1 bil from rice exports;

Hundreds of luxury cars "abandoned" at Saigon seaports to be handled

 VietNamNet Bridge - Hundreds of luxury cars imported as movable assets of overseas Vietnamese that are "abandoned" at seaports in HCM City to be re-exported.

More luxury cars to make debut in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – Automakers will continue to bring high-end cars into Vietnam although the domestic market is described as small and business development has not been favorable as expected, especially in the context of economic woes.

How luxury cars come to Vietnam?

Most of the luxury cars have been imported to Vietnam as the assets of Viet Kieu repatriates. There are the rings that bring the cars to Vietnam under forged documents.