The event was jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam Economic Review and the People's Committee of Da Nang to honor 100 outstanding foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam.

As part of the Vietnam Connect Forum 2023, the Golden Dragon Awards 2023 program focuses on surveying and selecting pioneering enterprises in the fields of innovation, creativity, green transformation, digital technology application, business and corporate governance, and those pay attention to, focus on and plan to implement ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), the businesses achieving impressive recovery results after the Covid-19 pandemic and demonstrating sustainable development strategies.

Representative of McDonald's Vietnam at the award ceremony in Da Nang.

McDonald's Vietnam is among the top 50 foreign-invested enterprises to be honored with the Golden Dragon Award in 2023. McDonald's Vietnam has won this award five times in a row by satisfying the "green and digital technology" transformation.

Green growth towards sustainable development

McDonald's always conquers and places trust with customers by its service style and menu. McDonald's is remembered by customers with its Big Mac burger menu, McNugget chicken balls, cod fillet cake, and a variety of coffee menus from McCafe.

McDonald's also develops the dishes that make up the brand name combined with the local culinary taste through dishes that are considered the culinary quintessence of Vietnam. Diners know McDonald's with its fried chicken product "crispy on the skin" with Vietnamese standard chicken quality and American standard marinade recipe, chicken rice with garlic sauce with a distinct flavor, Vietnamese filter coffee and special is a pho burger - a creative combination of two Asian and European cuisines...

McDonald's conquers customers by its attentive service style.

Besides the orientation of quickly serving delicious dishes to customers, the brand also focuses on corporate social responsibility. McDonald's advocates development in tandem with the obligation to protect the environment. To date, McDonald's has gained ground in the journey of sustainable forest protection and exploitation through the acquisition of certifications such as:

- Palm oil: RSPO certification: An independent supply chain guardianship certification that aims to demonstrate that palm oil is sustainably and ethically acquired from growers.

- Paper & Packaging Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certifications: Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for product packaging.

- Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee: Certified to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land use, business practices and consumer behavior for coffee products.

The menu is rich with many dishes that make McDoanld's name famous.

McDonald's representative Ms. Jenny Cai said: “Inheriting the founder's philosophy of ‘three-legged stool’ about the sustainable connection between franchisee; provider, McDonald's employees - I'm proud to play a part in teaching our suppliers how to meet McDonald's gold standards. Thereby bringing to the community the benefits that a global business needs, namely providing customers with delicious, safe and food-safe meals at a reasonable price but still ensuring the highest quality. return to the environment and society the exploited resources.”

McDonald's representative is proud to be a part of the journey to protect the environment in Vietnam.

Sustainable development goes alongside with technology application

McDonald's is considered as a pioneering fast-food chain applying advanced technology to operation and management. McDonald's has been thriving to offer online experiences for customers with high tech. 

As a leading fast-food brand in the application of technology, McDonald's continues to orient the experience of the Future (EOTF). This is a long-term strategy of McDonald's globally, applying breakthrough technologies to enhance the restaurant operating system as well as improve customer service.

McDonald's staff assist customers with cashless payments.

Coming to the store, diners will experience modern technology services such as interactive screens for automatic ordering, table service or specialized staff taking care of customer experience along with customer service. Mobile app application many McDonald's offers. From the machines placed mobile food to a row of touch-sensitive cash registers (POS) and food display screens in the kitchen to help staff serve customers quickly.