Update news FIEs

PM Pham Minh Chinh chaired a hybrid meeting with foreign-invested enterprises and business associations on September 17, during which he pledged to create favourable conditions for FDI enterprises to invest successfully and sustainably in Vietnam.

Foreign firms required to store users' data in Vietnam

Foreign firms shall be required to store users' data within Vietnamese territory and set up local offices, according to the Government's Decree No. 53/2022/ND-CP scheduled to take place from October 1, 2022.

Trade pact sets up stronger M&A interest from Europe

In strong signals of EU interest in Vietnam over the past few months, a batch of leading companies has signed deals to purchase businesses and expand their merger and acquisition footprint.

New policies needed to boost Vietnamese private sector

While foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) have been growing and prospering, Vietnamese enterprises have been developing inadequately because they lack favorable conditions to thrive.

Vietnam needs new requirements for foreign investors

Vietnam needs to be more selective when receiving foreign direct investment  (FDI), and should set requirements, just as foreign investors do in exchange for being able to invest in Vietnam, experts say.


Bridging the tech-led links in investment

Although Vietnam has been improving its business and investment environment significantly throughout the last four decades, the cooperation between domestic and foreign-invested companies could be much improved.

FIEs retain pole position in bolstering trade surplus

While many developed countries have been struggling with the pandemic, Vietnam has maintained a trade surplus of nearly $1.29 billion in the first two months of 2021.

Highest expected Tet bonus over VND1 billion, average wage down

The highest Tet bonus workers this year is VND1.07 billion, or over $41,000. The highest pay in 2020 was VND516 million a month.

FIEs in Vietnam: big enterprises incur big losses, electronics manufacturers thrive

The Ministry of Finance (MOF), after analyzing the 2019 finance reports of foreign invested enterprises (FIEs), has found a contrast in the business performance of the enterprises.

Half of FIEs take losses, some for years: report

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) said the 2019 finance reports of foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) showed that 45 percent of the enterprises had reported losses.

Anti-transfer pricing measures also applicable to domestic enterprises

Tax management performed on enterprises which conduct affiliated transactions will rely upon the principle of fairness, transparency and no discrimination against neither domestic nor foreign enterprises, said a top taxman.

Decree to prevent transfer pricing could inadvertently harm Vietnamese companies

Setting a cap on loan interest deductability is a tool to prevent foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) from conducting transfer pricing. However, the application of the regulation on Vietnamese enterprises as well has stirred controvesy.

Korean multinationals suggest solutions to ease difficulties in Covid-19

Vietnam Airlines’ airplanes which have been left idle because of Covid-19 could be used to carry cargo, offering benefits to both the air carrier and export companies.

FIEs displeased with government demand to license internal websites

The new regulations of the MIC may affect the policies and assets of private businesses and foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam.

Vietnamese businesses burdened with taxes, FIEs at ease with tax exemptions

Studies have found that Vietnam’s taxation system offers many incentives to foreign invested enterprises (FIEs), but puts an increasingly heavy burden on Vietnamese enterprises and people.

Foreign-invested enterprises hopeful about plans to list shares on bourse

The Ministry of Finance (MOF), suggesting solutions to help the stock market overcome the Covid-19 crisis, has once again proposed allowing foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) to list on the bourse. 

Can Vietnam could take advantage of new foreign investment strategies?

Over the past few decades, many companies worldwide have come to China, seeking a place to set up production bases and do business as they were lured by the country’s low labour costs and enormous domestic consumer market, 


FDI attraction - one of five key solutions to post-Coronavirus economic recovery

The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) capital flows over the recent five months of 2020 only decreases compared to the same period last year but rises against the same period of the previous years.

Harnessing further FDI to Vietnam

Since national reunification in 1975, Vietnam’s economy has grown from strength to strength. Senior economist Nguyen Mai writes about how the economy has developed in that time, with foreign direct investment serving as one of the key driving forces.

Crunch time for labour-intensive areas

As the country faces an unexpected economic crisis, industrial zones are reeling to protect enterprises vulnerable to diseases, especially those labour-intensive businesses that play an important role in the nation’s exports.