Update news FIEs

Vietnam seeking technology transfer into the local sphere

Promotion of foreign tech transfer investment is on the rise, but there are questions over absorption and spillover effects.

Many FIEs suffer losses, pay modestly to State budget

More than 25,000 foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) exist in Vietnam, compared to nearly 800,000 local firms. But the FDI companies are the main players in most fields.

Many FIEs report losses, pay low taxes

There are about 25,000 foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) in Vietnam, a small figure compared with the 800,000 operational Vietnamese enterprises. But FIEs are the major players in most business fields.

McDonald’s Vietnam wins Golden Dragon Award for the 5th  consecutive time

McDonald's Vietnam received its 5th Golden Dragon Award at a ceremony held on March 17 in the central city of Da Nang during the Vietnam Development Bridge Forum (Vietnam Connect).

Import-export turnover of FIEs drops by $9 billion

The import-export turnover of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) dropped by $9 billion in the first two months.

FIEs earn 'big' in Vietnam

Foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) had a prosperous year in 2021 with post-tax profit of VND83.585 trillion, up 30 percent over 2020, according to the Ministry of Finance’s recent report to the Prime Minister.

Screening tool to bump up FIE quality

Achecklist for appraisal of foreign-invested ventures in Vietnam will help the country woo desired foreign funding.

Planning and Investment Ministry releases round-up of business results

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has just released the Enterprises White Book 2022, which confirmed the ratio of loss-making foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) is much more than other sectors.

Support industries need more favorable government policies

Of the 200 partners that provide parts to Apple, only 25 enterprises are from Vietnam and the others are foreign invested.

Roadblocks hit trajectory for newly-registered capital

A lack of large-scale projects and global political fluctuations are key reasons for a fall in newly-registered capital inflow to Vietnam over several consecutive months.

Manufacturers backing local suppliers

Global manufacturers are increasingly offering solutions to foster the competitiveness of the country’s supporting industries, thus creating a solid foundation for a shift in the global supply chain.

FIEs seek streamlined workforce policy

The human resources of Vietnam are improving to meet the demand of foreign-invested enterprises. However, they may require stronger policies on visas to enhance performance and transfer high technologies to Vietnam

Foreign-invested enterprises face up to procedural barriers

Administrative procedures such as a prolonged timeline for obtaining business licences, as well as overlaps in the legal framework, are continuing to affect the expansion plans of many foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam.

Vietnam facilitates foreign firms’ investment activities: PM

PM Pham Minh Chinh chaired a hybrid meeting with foreign-invested enterprises and business associations on September 17, during which he pledged to create favourable conditions for FDI enterprises to invest successfully and sustainably in Vietnam.

Foreign firms required to store users' data in Vietnam

Foreign firms shall be required to store users' data within Vietnamese territory and set up local offices, according to the Government's Decree No. 53/2022/ND-CP scheduled to take place from October 1, 2022.

Trade pact sets up stronger M&A interest from Europe

In strong signals of EU interest in Vietnam over the past few months, a batch of leading companies has signed deals to purchase businesses and expand their merger and acquisition footprint.

New policies needed to boost Vietnamese private sector

While foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) have been growing and prospering, Vietnamese enterprises have been developing inadequately because they lack favorable conditions to thrive.

Vietnam needs new requirements for foreign investors

Vietnam needs to be more selective when receiving foreign direct investment  (FDI), and should set requirements, just as foreign investors do in exchange for being able to invest in Vietnam, experts say.


Bridging the tech-led links in investment

Although Vietnam has been improving its business and investment environment significantly throughout the last four decades, the cooperation between domestic and foreign-invested companies could be much improved.

FIEs retain pole position in bolstering trade surplus

While many developed countries have been struggling with the pandemic, Vietnam has maintained a trade surplus of nearly $1.29 billion in the first two months of 2021.