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Vietnamese unique festival: Khau Vai Love Market 2021 to open in May

At the market, ex-lovers are reunited, talk about their current marriages and warm up their lost love.

Drum dance of the Giay

Of the ethnic groups who live in Ha Giang province, the Giay are clustered mainly in Tat Nga hamlet, Meo Vac district. Recent socio-economic development has made their life easier but has not changed their traditional culture.

Discovering Hanh Phuc winding road in Ha Giang

Located atop Dong Van Stone plateau in Ha Giang province, the Hanh Phuc winding road proves to be an attractive destination for adventurous travelers looking to experience the area’s breathtaking landscapes.

Exploring Southeast Asia’s deepest canyon located in Ha Giang

Found within the unique geological tectonic canyon in the northern province of Ha Giang, Tu San is considered to be the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia.

Mong ethnic people cultivate on rocks

"Live on rocks and die buried in rocks". That is how people from the Mong Meo Vac ethnic group define their identity. 

Plan to be made for Dong Van geopark’s tourism centres

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has assigned the People’s Committee of northernmost Ha Giang province to make a general plan for developing four urban areas into tourism centres of the Dong Van.

More prehistoric vestiges discovered in Dong Van Karst Plateau

VietNamNet Bridge – Fourteen archaeological sites in the northernmost province of Ha Giang have been excavated in the past fortnight, revealing hundreds of relics believed to appear in the prehistoric and protohistoric times,

VNAT seeks to boost domestic tours

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam is banking on domestic tourists to boost the fortunes of the tourism industry, especially in terms of ensuring its stable growth, the Communist Party of Vietnam Online Newspaper reported.

Development for Karst Plateau Park in Ha Giang announced

 VietNamNet Bridge – A master plan for developing the Dong Van Global Geology Park in northern mountainous province of Ha Giang by 2020 has been announced.

Walking on the Happy Route

 VietNamNet Bridge – Happy Route is the name of the area that connects the three communes of Ha Giang-Dong Van-Meo Vac in the northernmost province of Ha Giang.