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Top-secret missions of submarine soldiers

At 9 am June 2, 2017, for the first time in history of the Vietnam’s People’s Navy, a missile launched from Submarine 183 - Hanoi flew up from the seabed, hitting its target.

Crossing hundreds of thousands of nautical miles to bring submarines to naval base

To bring submarines to Vietnam only one at a time, Vietnamese soldiers had to cross three oceans for 45 days. The submarines were carried by the Dutch Rolldock Sea vessel.

Submarine sailors learn to master ‘ocean’s black holes’

Vietnamese submarine sailors are especially admired by specialists and lecturers at the Russian Naval Academy for fulfilling their training course two years ahead of schedule.

How are sailors for military submarines selected?

Many military officers with good health indicators have been rejected because of dental caries or an inability to walk on a straight line after vestibule exercises, among other reasons. 

Should Vietnam build military submarines?

VietNamNet Bridge - While some experts are pessimistic about Vietnam’s capability of building military submarines, others believe that building the ships is within reach and that Vietnam needs to build its own subs.