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Real estate M&A deals hindered by bad debts

 Foreign capital flow into the real estate market has accelerated M&A deals, but analysts warn that bad debts for property loans are a hindrance in the M&A market.

Foreign real estate developers return as crisis is over

Vietnam attracted $3 billion worth of foreign direct and portfolio investments to the real estate sector in 2017, a sharp increase of 80 percent over the year before. 

Investors conflicted about investing in condotels

2017 was a discouraging year for investors who poured money into condotels. However, analysts believe that once legal problems are settled, investment in this type of property will be increasing rapidly.

Surplus ash and slag at thermal power plants remains untreated

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has 20 coal-fired thermopower plants which produce 15.7 million tons of ash, slag and gypsum a year. 

What will the real estate market be like in 2018?

VietNamNet Bridge - Forecasts about the real estate market in 2018 are all inclined towards optimism. 

Intense competition awaits in 2018: real-estate experts

Next year is likely to be a fiercely competitive one for real-estate companies in HCM City since scores of new projects are set to hit the market, analysts said.

Foreign investors target cleared land as property market heats up

VietNamNet Bridge - The real estate market continues to be bustling, with a series of M&A deals in 2007 and to be made in 2018.

Real estate M&As 2018: golden time for foreign capital

VietNamNet Bridge - The M&A deals made in 2017 are expected to have the value of $2 billion, and the same value or higher has been predicted for 2018.

Real estate market: magnet for foreign investors

VietNamNet Bridge - Property investors in Vietnam have been scaling up their business, while more and more new investors have concluded M&A deals in the real estate sector. 

Why are foreigners’ house purchases proceeding at a sluggish rate?

VietNamNet Bridge - Since the Housing Law took effect in July 2015, 549 land-use right certificates (red books) have been issued to foreign individuals and institutions who have bought houses in Vietnam.

How can Vietnamese transfer USD abroad to pay for house purchases?

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts believe that no less than $8-9 billion flows out of Vietnam every year through different channels, despite Vietnam’s tight forex policy.

Money flows into real estate market as prices rise

Experts have urged state management agencies to take necessary measures to drive the current strong cash flow into real estate out of the market as prices are increasing, depriving low-income earners of the opportunity of owning houses.

Quang Ninh considers using artificial sand as building material

VietNamNet Bridge - The northern province has favorable natural conditions to develop the use of artificial sand as natural sand resources in the locality are becoming limited. 

Despite risks, foreign investors still find property market attractive

VietNamNet Bridge - The stable political certainties in Vietnam and high GDP growth rate have created a firm foundation for the next development stage of the real estate market. 

Resort real estate in Hanoi suburbs: untapped gold mine

VietNamNet Bridge - The resort market segment in Hanoi remains untapped and awaits strong investments.

Real estate M&As expected to reach record high in 2017

VietNamNet Bridge - According to the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA), foreign investors have poured capital into 19 of 21 business fields so far this year, of which real estate ranks second with investment capital of $53 billion.

2-in-1 hometel model attracts investors

VietNamNet Bridge - More and more hybrid real estate products have been marketed in recent years. Together with condotel and officetel, hometels are now being launched by real estate firms. 

Chinese step up acquisition of property in Vietnam

The Chinese are considered ‘quiet investors’ compared with Singaporean, South Korean and Japanese, but there are signs they have been stepping up the takeover of Vietnamese properties.

Hometel property segment promises big profits, big challenges

VietNamNet Bridge - Though hometel properties are new in Vietnam, the segment is well known as a profitable business model as investors can make high profits when reselling or leasing. 

Encouraged by high profits, more investors jump into property market

VietNamNet Bridge - The number of newly set up businesses in the real estate sector in the first four months of the year increased sharply compared with the same period last year.