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Trillion-dong takeover deals heat up Hanoi real estate market

Many incapable investors had to give up their projects as they could not survive the frozen market of the last few years. Now is the right time for financially powerful investors to take over these projects at reasonable prices.

Experts decry realty profit transfer rules

Regulations banning the use of profits from property alienation to cover losses in other businesses discourage property firms from expanding their investments and make tax policies seem unfair, experts said.

Experts question Construction Ministry's proposal to classify apartments

While the Ministry of Construction (MOC) believes that ranking apartments will help define selling prices and provide information about apartment management fees, some analysts say other countries do not use such a system. 

Mekong Delta must be kept safe from floods

Vu Xuan Thien, Deputy Head of the Construction Department for Housing and Real Estate Market Management under the Ministry of Construction, spoke to Viet Nam News Agency about the national programme to make residential areas safe from flooding

Major change anticipated for VN cement industry

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts believe that restructuring will take place soon in the cement industry. Under the process, big merger and acquisition (M&A) deals will be made.

TPP won’t lead to real estate fever in VN: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - The real estate market is not expected to be greatly affected by the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), experts have said.

Real estate companies resume competition as property market heats up

VietNamNet Bridge - As the real estate market has bounced back, the battle among real estate service providers has resumed. 

VN property market still recovering

Viet Nam's economic recovery in the third quarter and the amended laws on Housing and Real Estate Trading have facilitated the recovery of the country's real estate markets.

Foreign property investors sought by domestic firms that need capital

VietNamNet Bridge - As the Vietnamese real estate market has begun to recover, foreign investors have sought new investment opportunities and being welcomed by domestic real estate developers who need capital.

What is the maximum time of house ownership for foreigners?

Foreigners can buy and own houses in Vietnam for a 50 year period. If the owners sell or give their houses to foreign institutions and individuals within that period, the recipients will have the right to possess the house for the remaining time. 

Construction Ministry proposes use of ODA capital for social housing projects

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Construction (MOC) has proposed using preferential loans from official development assistance (ODA) to build social housing projects.

Another bailout for real estate market as MOC tries to rescue rich

A series of bailouts have been designed to rescue the real estate market, including the VND30 trillion package from the government as well as a proposed VND50 million package that remains on paper. 

The facts behind the report on a 50-percent reduction in housing inventory

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Construction (MIC) reported that the real estate market has warmed up as apartments have been selling well, thus reducing the inventory considerably. However, analysts have expressed doubt about the figures.

Are houses in Vietnam the cheapest in the world?

Housing prices in Vietnam are higher than the income of the majority of Vietnamese, but the houses in Vietnam are cheaper than many other countries, according to Nguyen Xuan Quang, president of Nam Long Investment JSC. 

Banks consider taking part in proposed credit program to save property market

Some big banks said they would take part in a VND50 trillion credit program initiated by the State Bank to warm up the property market, which has not improved over the last few years despite government bailouts.

Green building materials, when?

A lot of traditional brick kilns that caused environment pollution have been forced to stop operation. However, lightweight materials still have not been used for construction works.