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Is it difficult to start a business in the education sector in Vietnam?

Vietnamese lack confidence in national education system

While international education organizations recognize the achievements of Vietnam’s education, Vietnamese people don’t have confidence in the national education system.

Urban parents already looking for summer classes for children

The academic year will end in late May, but parents have already begun looking for summer classes for their children.

To enter a ‘star’ school, students have to run ‘5-year marathon’

Students must get perfect score of 10/10 for nearly all exams during the five years at primary school to be eligible to apply for the entrance exam to the Hanoi-Amsterdam School for the Gifted. Only one 9/10 score will be allowed.

More Vietnamese parents send children abroad for secondary education

Vietnamese students who study abroad now tend to be younger, and often leave after they finish the 9th grade.

222 students involved in exam-cheating scandal, parents blamed

As many as 222 students have been found involved in the 2018 high school final exam cheating scandal which is shaking up the Vietnamese education system. Many of them are reportedly the children of local high-ranking officials.

Parents tend to reward children’s achievements with money

When children receive high scores for their school work, do housework or fulfill special tasks, they are rewarded by parents, usually with money.

Students resort to violence because of societal influence, but some experts disagree

Resorting to physical abuse to solve disputes is the choice of many people as violence is commended as a solution by some in society, leading to students’ misinterpretation of values.

Tourist schools receive big training orders as travel firms lack workers

Travel firms now tend to place orders for workers directly with training establishments, as some schools say the number of graduates ordered by travel firms has been increasing by 5,000 each year.

Students with prestigious degrees from abroad face competitive job market

A high number of bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates from prestigious schools overseas cannot find good jobs in Vietnam.

Many school physical abuse cases never brought to light

Instead of suing the culprits, denouncing abusers to agencies, or seeking support from the community, victims of school physical abuse tend to conceal the cases and keep everything secret.

Exam preparation industry killing students’ creativity

Vietnamese students have to take many standardized tests, which has led to the creation of a giant exam preparation industry. However, the industry is killing students’ creativity, experts say.

School violence cases increase by 10 times within 10 years

Despite great efforts and serious measures to prevent school violence cases, the number of such incidents is on the rise.

Postgraduate research desperately needs financial help

The most important solution to improve the quality of postgraduate training, according to experts, is creating a link between postgraduate training and scientific research. 


Schools in Vietnam gear up for enrollment season

The 2019 enrollment season has started, with students registering applications for universities on April 1-20.

NA still debating ‘one program, many sets of textbooks’

 National Assembly deputies are still arguing about the ‘one program, many sets of textbooks’ principle they approved five years ago.

National English teaching program fails despite big budget

The fact that 80 percent of students got scores below average in English at the high school finals clearly shows the inefficiency of the program on teaching English at general schools.

University enrollment schedule, student quotas remain unclear

VietNamNet Bridge - Students have to register to sit the national high school finals and apply for universities from April 1-20. 

Businesses still face shortage of highly qualified staff

VietNamNet Bridge - Universities, businesses and leaders of the Ministries of Science & Technology, Education & Training all say they face difficulties in enrolling postgraduates. 

Failure in English teaching blamed on teaching method

VietNamNet Bridge - The English teaching curriculum, with a focus on grammar lessons, and the lack of speaking practice, are behind the failure of the national English teaching program, experts say.