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The number of 'excellent' students increases steadily year after year, but many of them get low marks at exams.

Vietnam urged to merge some schools, maintain fewer state-owned schools

Merging schools with the same majors to form multi-disciplinary schools and cutting the number of state-owned schools to more effectively allocate resources should be done immediately, experts say.


Student refuses 10 US universities, decides to study in Vietnam

Ten universities in the US and one in Japan granted scholarships worth billions of dong, but Ninh Quynh Anh registered to study at Fulbright University in Vietnam. 

Study pressure: how much is enough for VN students?

The image of mother and daughter embracing each other and crying in front of the examination compound that appeared in local newspapers was a haunting moment for parents.

What can be done with 'bad' universities?

The plan on re-organizing pedagogical schools will be submitted to the PM by Q2, and the plan on dissolving and merging state-owned schools in Q3.

Hanoi students receive empty gift boxes as rewards for achievements

Excellent students from Cau Giay district in Hanoi recently received gift boxes with nothing inside except blank paper. Some students felt they had been deceived.

Vietnam’s tertiary education goes international

Internationalization of higher education is considered a solution to improve training quality, catch up with the regional and international development, and upgrade the quality of human resources.

Vietnamese students unhappy about the number of entrance exams they need to take

In a two-week period ending on June 4, secondary school graduates took a series of important exams in their lives.

NA’s deputies want full disclosure in exam cheating scandal

The list of provincial leaders who have children or relatives whose exam results were fabricated in the 2018 high school finals has been published in some newspapers.

Vietnam struggles to crack down elephant ivory trafficking

Education for Nature, Vietnam (ENV), has urged heavy sanctions on leaders of wildlife trafficking rings dealing in elephant tusks.

Fewer high school graduates register for university exams

The number of 12th graders registering to attend the entrance exams to universities has decreased since 2017.

Vietnam's universities try to make money from technology transfer

Switching research centers to joint-stock companies will help attract private investments and create a driving force for commercializing research results, experts say.

8X alumni talk about differences with Z-gen overseas students

Vietnamese Z-generation students are often leaving Vietnam at the age of secondary education. They are more self-confident than previous generations and willing to express their personal views.

University lecturers now required to have certificates in pedagogy

Under the current regulation, even professors and associate professors who have been giving lectures for tens of years have to receive training in pedagogical skills.

Hot debate among educators about MOET’s new code of conduct in schools

The Ministry of Education and Training’s regulation aims to help teachers and students use social media in a healthy, responsible and effective way,

Vietnamese teacher honored in France

Tran Huong Quynh believes that students and teachers need to change learning and teaching methods. 

Vietnam’s universities still kept out of THE Ranking

Two universities in Vietnam are listed among QS Ranking’s best universities in Asia, but they remain out of the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking of 417 best universities in Asia.

Education Ministry creates controversial rule prohibiting teachers, students from defaming education system

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has set a regulation which would prohibit teachers and students from disseminating, propagating, making comments and showing the images that may adversely affect the education environment.

Vietnamese parents enroll kids in child-abuse prevention classes

Stunned by a series of child abuse cases discovered recently, parents are registering abuse prevention training courses for their children.

School violence on the rise, Ministry seeks solutions

Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha has decided that headmasters of schools must be responsible for any school violence cases taking place in their schools.