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Has Formosa fixed 85 percent of its problems?

VietNamNet Bridge - Though Formosa Ha Tinh has fixed 85 percent of the problems, experts are still worried about its coke-quenching technology and undersea discharge system.

Mekong Delta to lack sufficient water in future, experts warn

Mekong Delta – the ‘land of rivers and water’  – is predicted to lack water in the future, experts warned at a conference on climate change and water resource management in late September. 

Illegal waste imports reach alarming level

VietNamNet Bridge - Mismanagement and legal loopholes have both lent a hand to enterprises to illegally import prohibited waste.

Scientists say VND5 trillion man-made rain project ‘impractical’

VietNamNet Bridge - An Sinh Xanh Science & Technology has proposed a project to create man-made rain to ease the drought during El Nino. However, scientists are doubtful about the project’s feasibility.

Invasive alien species difficult to control, scientists say

VietNamNet Bridge - Dozens of invasive alien species that have been developing in Vietnam have been difficult to control because of high costs needed to eliminate infestations.

Environment Ministry's report shows serious environmental problems

VietNamNet Bridge - A report from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MONRE) shows worrying figures about the environment. 

Bad odor affects southern part of Saigon

VietNamNet Bridge - Residents in HCM City's Phu My Hung area in district 7 and in Binh Chanh and Nha Be districts have asked local authorities to help control the bad odor affecting the areas. 

Scientists: Chinese exports polluting Vietnam through Red River

VietNamNet Bridge - Lao Cai province’s chair Dang Xuan Phong said the Red River’s water from the other side of the border with China is becoming more seriously polluted.

Chief lawyer blames VN Environment Administration

 Lawyer Nguyen Van Chien, Vice Chairman of the Viet Nam Lawyers’ Association, reiterates the Government’s resolve to uphold the law on environmental protection, particularly following the serious pollution incident that killed masses of fish

Agricultural seed market worth billions of dollars

VietNamNet Bridge - Considered a lucrative market with value worth of up to billions of dollars, the seed market can only attract five to six Vietnamese companies, leaving openings for foreign seed companies.

Hanoi needs plan to protect environment

The air quality in Hanoi has declined, especially in the inner city and near major transport routes and construction sites, the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and the Environment said in a report which noted the rapid increase in Benzene.

Management agencies fail to expose cases of untreated solid waste

VietNamNet Bridge - Formosa’s behavior of illegally dumping solid waste has been discovered, but many other companies are escaping state management.

If taxed, will Chinese traders be able to control the farm produce market?

VietNamNet Bridge - Chinese traders buy farm produce from Vietnamese businesses, but don’t pay tax. As a result, VASEP has sent a dispatch to the Ministry of Finance, proposing to tax Chinese traders.

Weak adherence to environment law leads to licensing of polluting projects

VietNamNet Bridge - Investors' reports on the possible environment impact of their projects are often vague and cursory, but government agencies frequently approve them.

Scientist suggests creating artificial reef to restore marine ecosystem

To rehabilitate the aquatic resources in the central provinces, it would be better to create artificial reefs as ‘houses’ for creatures.

Environmental pollution – the other side of the FDI coin

VietNamNet Bridge - Many foreign-invested projects in textile, paper, dying, steel and other polluting industries have been licensed recently, raising concerns that Vietnam would become a ‘pollution paradise’.  

Risk of ‘sea desertification’ challenges Vietnam

Climate change is one of the reasons behind sea desertification. It warms the air temperature and sea water and lowers nitrogen, phosphorus and oxygen concentration.

Are Central Highlands’ forests still open for illegal loggers?

VietNamNet Bridge - The vast forests in the Central Highlands are still being cut down though local authorities have vowed to prevent illegal loggers.

What is Formosa doing in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - Taiwanese Formosa was welcomed warmly when it arrived in Vietnam 15 years ago as a major foreign investor with multi-billion dollar projects. But it has been involved in many scandals.

Urgent plans needed to adapt to climate change, rising sea levels

The historic drought this year affected 45,000 hectares of rice and crops, causing a loss of VND8.114 trillion in total. The drought and saline intrusion caused 2 million people to lack water for daily use,