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Legal loopholes make it impossible to control air quality

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s legal loopholes on regulations of air quality need to be eliminated immediately, experts say.

Oyster resources on decline, Quang Ninh seeks gene conservation

Due to the excessive exploitation of ngan (Austriella corrugata), the number of oysters has declined seriously. Quang Ninh provincial authorities are taking serious measures to conserve the precious gene.

Vietnam seeks solutions for “smart water use”

VietNamNet Bridge - Environmental experts say HCMC needs to find solutions to smart water use, an important part of the plan to develop a smart city. 

Low land taxes prompt rich to hoard money in houses

VietNamNet Bridge - A house with a floor area of 100 square meters on Dong Khoi street in District 1 of HCMC has a market price of VND1 billion per square meter. 

Scientists find DNA-destroying nano dust in Vietnam

Scientists have found PM1.0 fine dust and nano dust ≤ 0,1µm in the air in Vietnam. This type of dust can penetrate through all barriers of a human’s respiratory system, blocking the alveolar holes for oxygen exchange, thus affecting DNA structure.

Scientists warn about property projects encroaching on the sea

VietNamNet Bridge - As land prices in urban areas escalate, real estate developers are expanding toward the sea. Scientists warn that the encroachment may cause serious consequences.

Vietnam ranks 27th in greenhouse gas emissions

VietNamNet Bridge - China ranks first with 20.09 percent, while Vietnam is 27th in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, with 0.72 percent of total global emissions.

Da Nang’s boat shelter, fishing port substandard, despite funding to improve area

The beautiful beaches of My Khe, Man Thai and Tho Quang are becoming seriously polluted as waste water continues to be discharged directly from local hotels and restaurants. 

Green growth- a magnet for foreign investors

Green development projects in Vietnam are catching attention of foreign investors on account of the Government’s favourable policies on land, taxes and capital as well as a large number of potential customers in the country.

Boon turns bane: titanium mining in Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan Province has reaped enormous economic benefits from titanium mining, but the industry has also damaged the environment badly, degraded the lives of local residents.

Southern hospital doesn’t believe in wasting waste

At 5pm Gia Rai General Hospital in the southern province of Bac Lieu starts to get crowded, not only with patients but also with visitors who come here for a stroll.

Locals live next to SE Asia’s largest iron mine

Thousands of households in the Thach Khe iron mining area in Thach Ha district of Ha Tinh province have endured tough lives for the last 10 years. 

Urbanites face health risks from air pollution

VietNamNet Bridge - Coal-fired thermal power plants which emit huge amounts of dust are still not required to issue reports on the possible impact on people’s health.

Highlands deforestation continues as forest rangers lose control

The forests in Central Highlands have been disappearing at a rapid rate amid the helplessness of forest management units. In many ‘hot spots’, forests have been cleared, although they still exist on paper.

The forest treasure of a Hue village

VietNamNet Bridge - A village in the central city of Hue has decided to protect the loc vung (Barringtonia acutangula) forest, which is over 300 years old and called the ‘green lung of the village’.

Inside the restaurants that serve wild animal meat

Ignoring the call to protect wildlife and the warning about punishment of wildlife traffickers, numerous restaurants and tourism sites serving wild animal meat have opened in Dak Lak province.

Hon Mun Marine Protected Area compromised

Coral reefs have been damaged and are full of waste, and the number of fish decreasing due to poaching at the Hon Mun marine protected area (MPA) in Nha Trang Bay in Khanh Hoa province. The MPA is covered by the Heritage Law.

Forest sanctuary has four hydropower plants

VietNamNet Bridge - Three hydropower plants in central Vietnam are located in a core ecological area, one in a natural reserve’s ecological rehabilitation zone. 

Legal loopholes weaken management of air pollution

Despite great efforts to control air quality, air pollution is still high. Many experts blame legal loopholes and weak enforcement for the problem. 

Air pollution challenges Vietnam’s socio-economic development

VietNamNet Bridge - Scientists have repeatedly warned about declining air quality. However, settling the problem is difficult despite an existing legal framework.