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VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s water resource security is facing challenges at a time of climate change.

The most significant environmental protection events in 2017

VietNamNet Bridge - This annual selection was compiled by Tin Moi Truong, a member of the Vietnam Association for Nature and Environmental Protection, and journalists.

MONRE designs special policy for polluting facilities

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MONRE) is drafting a plan to maintain special control of units likely to cause pollution in 16 production fields and 28 industrial facilities.

Is Vietnam following the wrong path in treating solid waste?

Local authorities are trying to find advanced technologies for their waste treatment projects, but they appear to be satisfied with superficial solutions that do not treat the problem in a sustainable way. 

University student creates green electricity-powered bicycle

VietNamNet Bridge - A bicycle created by a university student uses two kinds of clean energy, the first of its kind in Vietnam. 

Illegal waste imports difficult to control, manage: agencies

VietNamNet Bridge - Large amounts of hazardous waste are still transported illegally across borders from developed to developing countries, including Vietnam.

Hanoi lacks sustainable solutions to clean polluted lakes

VietNamNet Bridge - The Hanoi authorities have at least on four occasions set up programs to settle pollution at rivers and lakes, but no considerable improvement has been made.

Environment dept: air quality in Hanoi isn’t as bad as reported

The deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and the Environment Le Tuan Dinh has reassured the public that the air quality in Hanoi is not as bad as the figures in the Green Innovation and Development Centre’s (GreenID) report.

Is MONRE allowing Formosa to discharge substandard waste?

Under the national standards QCVN 51:2013/BTNMT, the reference oxygen content is 7 percent, but MONRE is allowing Formosa to apply the reference oxygen content of 15 percent.

Scientists oppose building of coal-fired power plants

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts are calling her the immediate stop of construction of new coal-fired plants in the Mekong Delta.

Vietnam has great potential to develop geothermal energy

VietNamNet Bridge - Geothermal energy can be economically efficient and environmentally friendly, scientists say.

HCM City residents urged to use proper methods to raise wildlife

VietNamNet Bridge - In recent years, many HCMC residents have decided to breed crocodiles and several wildlife species as a solution to escape poverty.

How can Vietnam turn e-waste into commodities?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has been unable to recycle or treat e-waste because of difficulties in e-waste collection, according to some experts.

Minister supports plan to to bury sludge in sea waters

VietNamNet Bridge - The news that over 400,000 tons of sludge may be submerged into the sea to create a passageway for a port has caused concerns among residents in Binh Dinh Province. 

Hanoi fumbles about solutions to combat air pollution

VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoi is still struggling to find solutions to curb the development of cars and motorcycles, which is believed to be the major reason behind serious air pollution in the city.

Ministry seeks higher budget for environmental protection

National Assembly deputies have agreed that Vietnam needs to increase expenses on environmental protection after the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MONRE) reported that spending in 2017 can satisfy only 55 percent of the demand.

Ministry to save mining companies by allowing adjustment of reserves

VietNamNet Bridge - Mining companies are complaining that the amount of money they have to pay to get  mining rights is unreasonable. 

Air quality getting worse as legal loopholes still exists

VietNamNet Bridge - The air pollution in Vietnam is increasing in urban areas and industrial zones, mostly due to legal loopholes. 

How will 16 million tons of ash and slag be used?

The waste from coal-fired power plants includes solid, liquid and gaseous waste, including 16 million tons of ash & slag and gypsum discharged every year. But only 30 percent, or 5 million tons, is treated and re-used.

Mekong Delta faces three big challenges: Climate change, hydropower

Mekong Delta, the rice granary of Vietnam, is facing three big challenges due to the impact of climate change, unsustainable development and hydropower plants on the Mekong River.