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A worldwide journey on motorbike lasting a total of 1111 days by Tran Dang Dang Khoa can be viewed through many of the impressive images captured during his trip.

Motorbike embraced by roots of an old tree

The image of an old motorbike entwined by the roots of an old tree in Tuong Binh Hiep Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, has been widely shared on social media recently.


Vietnam motorbike market remains healthy

With 3.3 million motorbikes bought each year, the fourth largest market in the world for motorbikes continues to grow, with manufacturers launching new models into the Vietnamese market.

Gear-motorbike market cutthroat for manufacturers

VietNamNet Bridge - The gear motorbike market segment has become cramped with many models priced up to VND20 million. 

Sales down, motorbike manufacturers try to win niche markets

In the face of rapid expansion of well-known brands, less strong brands such as Suzuki, Piaggio, SYM and Kymco are targeting niche markets to improve sales.

Hanoi to restrict motorbikes in 2018

VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoi will strictly control motorbikes in 2018 and prohibit them in inner city areas by 2030.

Growth slows down, manufacturers try to find niche markets

VietNamNet Bridge - As the motorbike market is going flat, manufacturers have to reform technologies and penetrate niche markets to boost sales.

Luxury scooters the future of Vietnam’s motorbike market

Luxury scooters are now the focus of motorbike manufacturers in Vietnam. High-end scooters, priced at VND50 million and higher, unexpectedly sold very well in 2016. 

HCM City considers limiting vehicles in downtown area

HCM City plans to limit vehicles on several downtown streets on weekend evenings in the future, according to the Department of Transport.

Vietnamese motorbike market becoming saturated

VietNamNet Bridge - The motorbike consumption level in Vietnam remains the highest in the world, but it has been falling in recent years. 

Multimillion dollar ‘empires’ in motorbike market

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign motorbike manufacturers have earned billions of dollars in Vietnam, a market with 90 million people and 45 million motorbikes.

Motorbike checks seek to curb air pollution

 VietNamNet Bridge – Deputy Head of Viet Nam Register, Nguyen Huu Tri, speaks to Viet Nam News about the move to inspect motorbike exhaust fumes

11 days of Vietnam by motorbike, Hanoi to Saigon

VietNamNet Bridge – I remember thinking as I crashed into a drunk man’s motorbike at 60 km an hour on the highway, “I’m going to die.”  But some how I was just fine, I flew over the handlebars, skidded down the road, and I stood up without a scratch.  

Image: Going out with your pet on a motorbike is all the rage in big cities

 VietNamNet Bridge - Many people carry their pets on their motorcycles or bicycles or walk with them on the street, a new trend in big cities like Hanoi and HCM City.

First motorbike swap meet to open in Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – Motorcycle enthusiasts will have the chance to touch, see and feel the merchandise, or just chat with experienced motorcyclists about the hobby when a bike swap meet is due to open in HCM City later this month.

Vietnamese now favor large capacity motorbikes

 VIetNamNet Bridge - More foreign motorbike manufacturers flock to Vietnam. The driving license policy has been loosened. Vietnamese now have more opportunities to possess large capacity motorbikes.

Blasting at the wedding, the groom’s ex-girlfriend died

VietNamNet Bridge - Right after being picked up by the groom, the bride had to witness the death of her husband’s ex-girlfriend at her new home while her husband had to go to hospital.

Thousands swap unsafe helmets for good ones

Nearly 100,000 unsafe motorbike helmets have been swapped for those of standard quality in two exchange campaigns launched by the National Traffic Safety Committee.

The number of motorcycles has exceeded 2020 planning

VietNamNet Bridge - As being planned by the transportation sector, in the next seven years the number of motorcycles in Vietnam will be about 36 million units. However, the latest statistics show that the current number is more than 37 million.

Nation drowning in sea of fees

Despite the objections and concerns of local people and enterprises, the controversial road maintenance fee collection scheme has been finally realized, forcing all car and motorbike owners to start paying a fee