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Investors seek inclusion of Thanglong Wind project in power development program

Many power generation projects are under slow implementation and not likely to be put into operation in coming years, according to the Vietnam Energy Association (VEA).

Vietnam-made virtual reality technology allows on-the-spot travel

Xtreme Studio’s launch of the Vietnam-made virtual reality (VR) game called Top of Vietnam on May 10 showed that VR can be used in many different fields and that Vietnamese can master this technology.

Vietnam takes first steps to mitigate ocean plastic waste

Scientific research in the environment field, especially micro-plastics research, is still in its infancy.

Vietnam sets barriers to bar entry of outdated technologies

Experts have warned of the possibility of Vietnam becoming a ‘technology dumping ground’ in the 4.0 industrial era, since developed countries are shifting to more advanced technologies and trying to liquidate outdated ones.

Vietnam outlines possible scenarios for digital development

VietNamNet Bridge - The scenarios for digital economy development are expected to help the government recognize risks and opportunities for better policy-making methods for the future.

Cartilatist - a breakthrough product in Vietnam’s stem cell industry

Cartilatist, the first off-the-shelf medicine product made from stem cells in Vietnam, is the result of 10 years of research and development at the Stem Cell Institute at the HCM City University of Natural Sciences.

Vinagamma radiation center uses high tech to treat toxic waste, emissions

The Ministry of Science & Technology (MST) 20 years ago approved the establishment of the first radiation technology application center in the south – Vingamma - which later gained significant achievements.

Teachers make activated carbon from wild plants

VietNamNet Bridge - The activated carbon made from Gleicheniaceae, a species of forked ferns, has carbon content 2-3 times higher than other activated carbon products available in the market, with a value equal to imports.

Vietnam draws up plan on AI research and development

AI4Life, the first workshop on AI (artificial intelligence) in Vietnam, held in May, and AI4VN, which took place in August, gathered Vietnamese and overseas Vietnamese scientists.

Developing 3D printing in VN: priting machines cheap, but materials lacking

The biggest problem hindering the development of 3D printing in Vietnam is not technology and equipment, but the lack of materials.

Will Vietnam become a leading blockchain center?

VietNamNet Bridge - While some experts strongly believe that Vietnam will become a leading blockchain center in the world, others say it would be better not to indulge in illusions.

Complicated procedures, low budgets face scientists

A leader from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology says the procedures for considering and approving state-level scientific research projects are too complicated. 

VN young scientist with 47 ISI publications and scientific awards

Being one of the two young scientists nominated for the Ta Quang Buu Award in 2018, at the age of 34, Truong Vu Thanh of HCMC University of Science & Technology has made remarkable achievements with 47 ISI publications and scientific awards.

Lack of transparency in research discourages scientists

Even in poor conditions, young scientists in Vietnam are still able to produce internationally recognized research. However, they are discouraged by the lack of transparency in the scientific research environment. 

Female PhD pursues her passion in nano silver research

Visitors to TechDemo 2017, an important event of sci-tech firms held in Da Nang City in late 2017, were invited to try a special mouthwash made of nano silver.

Scientists apply stem cells to preserve rare animal genes

The application of stem cells in agricultural development, especially in the selection and conservation of rare genetic resources, is an important topic in countries with a developed livestock industry. 

With no national storehouse, storage of radioactive sources remains risky

VietNamNet Bridge - The number of radioactive sources which are temporarily stored in Vietnam is nearly 3,000 out of more than 5,000 sources. 

Four Vietnamese scientists on 2017 list of scientific researchers

VietNamNet Bridge - Of more than 3,300 highly cited scientific researchers named by Clarivate Analytics, four are Vietnamese.

Fintech sees strong rise in Vietnam

Foreign conglomerates have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Vietnamese fintech firms, as more bank-fintech cooperation agreements have been signed recently.

High school students develop 24/24 flood warning system

The 3-level flood warning system was created by two female high school students – Hoang Thi Dieu Huyen and Phan Thi Minh Trang - in Quang Dien district, the ‘flooding hub’ of Thua Thien-Hue province.