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VietNamNet Bridge - A number of sex abuse, child kidnapping and traffic accidents have occurred recently, raising concerns among parents about safety at schools.

Bittersweet aftertaste

The protracted saga at Nam Trung Yen Primary School in Hanoi finally unfolds, but the outcome can hardly be claimed as a happy ending though the school’s leaders have been dismissed and justice has prevailed. 

18 teachers sign letter criticizing headmaster for lying to the public

Eighteen teachers at Nam Trung Yen Primary School in Hanoi have criticized the school’s headmaster Ta Thi Bich Ngoc for providing false information to the public about a student whose leg was broken in a car accident in the school.

Violent incidents creating unsafe school environment

VietNamNet Bridge - A series of recent child abuse cases have caused parents to feel insecure about sending their children to school.

Student with broken leg from school accident receives no reply from Ministry

The father of the schoolboy whose was leg broken said that he asked for help from the Ministry of Education and Training and the Hanoi Education and Training, but there has been no reply.

Hanoi’s largest resettlement area degraded

Elevators are broken very often, even do not work for a week; corridors are dirty and smelly; water spills everywhere; garbage is rampant… That is the situation in the B6A Nam Trung Yen building in Hanoi’s largest resettlement area – Nam Trung Yen.

Exotic gardens amid the capital city

VietNamNet’s Le Anh Dung introduces the fancy gardens in Hanoi, which are located next to luxurious villas or unfinished construction projects.