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Tiger bone glue has been advertised on many websites at VND3 million per 0.1 kilo.

Thousands of elephants massacred to decorate the rich’s houses

Collecting elephant tusks is now in fashion among the rich men who believe that the tusks can show the upper class of their owners.

Vietnam will be the country with no forest?

The deforestation has not been stopped as promised by local authorities and forest ranger units. Vietnam’s forest coverage has dropped to less than 40 percent.

Government thinks too much when rescuing businesses

The national economy remains very pale, while businesses have died like flies. Meanwhile, the government is still busy with particular calculation when mapping out the solutions to rescue businesses.

Clip exposing Vietnamese education’s problems stirs up the public

Vietnam does not need a generation of people who have to receive training in everything, but they don’t know what they will do, what they want to obtain and what their purposes are in life.

Existing TVs won’t be wasted when Vietnam digitalizes TV

Scientists believe that the currently used TV sets would still be useful for receiving image signals once Vietnam enters the digital TV era.

Vietnam considers building nuclear science & technology center

Scientists have urged to build up a nuclear science & technology center, saying that this is an important link of the national program on developing nuclear power, a crucial testing for the capability of implementing the program

Foreign partner withdraws from biofuel project

The Japanese partner in the Ethanol Binh Phuoc project has decided to withdraw from the project on the worry about the slow sale of the biofuel.

Both analog and digital TV to be broadcasted by 2014 in 5 big cities

Vietnam plans to stop analog TV in the 5 biggest cities by 2015. Therefore, digital TV would be broadcasted in the cities together with analog TV from 2014.

Central coastal areas turn topsy-turvy with mineral exploitation (part 1)

The whole land strip in the central region, which is believed to possess big tourism potentials with beautiful beaches, has been damaged by the mineral exploitation activities.

Heavy drought put forests in danger

Mekong Delta’s provinces have been urged to get highly ready to fight against the forest fire in the dry season.

Vietnam cannot attract tourists because of low budget for tourism promotion?

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has attributed the stagnation of the tourism industry to the lack of money to run tourism promotion campaigns.

Domestic anti-virus software doesn’t have many opportunities on home market

Analysts believe that new domestic anti-virus products will not be able to compete with the existing products on the market, even if domestic firms can get the support from the State.

Selling cars in lots – the good solution in economic recession

The first rays of hope have been flashed on the automobile market, but the demand remains weak in the economic downturn. Therefore, selling cars in lots remains the top choice for automobile manufacturers.

Higher foreign ownership ratio will help IPO shares to be salable

Analysts have warned about the possible oversupply of shares when a series of equitized enterprises would make IPO.

Non-fiction book plagiarism gets more problematic in Vietnam

While literary authors now feel more secure because their copyright has been protected by the laws, the authors of on-fiction books cannot be so optimistic.

The technology of infusing rice flour into pangolin

According to the wildlife conservation society, Vietnam is the gateway through which pangolins are smuggled and carried to China.

Foreign tourists go to Vietnam to… eat, why not?

Vietnamese food, which is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide, would be developed to attract more tourists to Vietnam.

MOET vows to renovate curricula, but forgets renovating teachers

Experts say they can foresee the failure of the program on renovating textbooks and education curricula, because the program does not tend to renovate the teaching staff.

Vietnam considers setting up standards for IT skills

Being concerned about the qualification of new IT school graduates, Vietnam now considers setting up new standards for IT skills in an effort to internationalize the quality of Vietnamese IT engineers.