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The HCM City administration yesterday reviewed the progress made in the five years since implementation of the Government's New Rural Area Programme began.

Key economic regions suffer from industrial solid waste

VietNamNet Bridge - Industrial solid waste has been threatening the living environment in key industrial production regions of the north and south.

Teacher’s slap raises controversy among modern Vietnamese parents

“I raised my hand towards my student and gave him a slap as he irritated me by answering me back,” is a sentence written by a teacher found in an “advice column” of a local newspaper. 

Teachers, students begin marathon preparation for 2-in-1 exam

VietNamNet Bridge – High school finals will take place in July, but teachers and students are already struggling to prepare for the exam.

Education-universalization law prevents teachers from doing their job

VietNamNet Bridge – Teachers are not forcing failing students to repeat classes, because if they do, they will not fulfill the tasks of the education-universalization program.

Miss Vietnam's poor French fluency rauses questions about teaching methodologies

Miss Vietnam Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen cannot speak French well even though she has studied the language for seven years shows that foreign language teaching in Vietnam has serioua weaknesses, according to analysts.

MOET struggles for the right to compile textbooks

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) said it must be involved in compiling a set of textbooks for every grade, but the public does not support the idea.

Vietnam considers using CEFR-V standard for English teaching

Linguists and educators believe that it is necessary to create a local CEFR-V, that is, a Vietnamese version of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, a set of standards used in teaching of English in Vietnam.

MOET wants to compile revised textbooks in new VND800 billion program

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is seeking the National Assembly’s approval to revise school textbooks, estimated to cost VND800 billion.

HCM City lacks teachers of English for primary schools

VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City’s primary schools, which include three English teaching programs, are facing a shortage of teachers of English.

Open source software ignored by state agencies

Closed-source software products, mostly Microsoft’s, have been dominating Vietnam’s software market, despite the government’s encouragement to develop and use open-source software.

English teachers should not be blamed for their substandard skills

Educators believe that the best solution to help improve the qualifications of English teachers is to renovate the way English is taught and learned at schools.

Household appliance refused rate rising, e-waste question remains unsolved

Treating e-waste remains a difficult question to solve for environmental scientists. The volume of e-waste has been increasing year after year, while the treatment solutions still cannot bring good effects.

The ESOP rush

Big enterprises have been following in each others’ footsteps in launching ESOP – employee stock ownership plans – to increase their capital, bring more benefits to shareholders and retain workers.

Families, society have to spend too much money on students’ exams

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has to spend hundreds of billions of dong to organize high school finals every year. The same sum of money is spent on the university entrance exams.

Vietnam succeeds in rescuing precious pine trees

The program on researching the biological characteristics of a pine variety - Ducampopinus kremfii – has shown initial results.

Lacking swimming ponds, students learn to swim on paper

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has requested all the schools throughout the country to strengthen the teaching of swimming to their students.

Vietnam fears for lacking STB to implement digital terrestrial TV program

The Ministry of Information and Communication is discussing the way of propping up set top boxes (STB) to people in the implementation of the national program on TV digitalization. Meanwhile, VTC has delayed its STB production project.

State agencies to be inspected and ranked for e-documents exchange

Minister of Information and Communication  -- Nguyen Bac Son, has stated that the ministry would take actions to boost the exchange of e-documents among state agencies.

Lacking money, teachers, English program goes at snail’s pace

In the 2012-2013 academic year, only 20 percent of first graders in HCM City could learn English in accordance with the 2020 national foreign language teaching program.