new general education program

Update news new general education program

Teachers of English in Hanoi have been asked to attend an exam to assess their qualifications under IELTS international standards.

How can private tutoring in Vietnam be better managed?

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has proposed listing private tutoring as a conditional business field, but experts think this will not be a good solution.

Education Ministry told not to compile textbooks

National Assembly deputies have agreed to the Ministry of Education and Training’s (MOET) proposal on not acting as a compiler of textbooks for general education.

The battle among textbook publishers begins

The launch of Canh Dieu (Kites), the first set of textbooks designed in accordance with the new general education last week, has kicked off a fierce battle among textbook publishing houses.

Is Education Ministry allowing HCM City to compile textbooks?

The fact that leaders and officers of the HCM City Education and Training Department receive remuneration for compiling textbooks has caused a stir among the public.

US$16 million loan allocated for textbook compilation

Sixteen million dollars has been allocated to the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to compile a set of textbooks for the new general education program. However, the allocation has not been done.

English textbooks not yet approved by Education Ministry, why?

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has published 32 textbooks for eight subjects and experience activities, but these do not include textbooks for English.

Educators say probability, statistics classes at VN general schools are necessary

While parents fear that the teaching of probability and statistics may be a burden on second graders, education experts believe that the subjects will be useful.

Monopoly in textbook publishing still exists in Vietnam

Twenty-four out of 32 textbooks chosen by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) belong to the Education Publishing House.

Vietnam to teach probability and statistics to second graders

Under the new general education program, the mathematics curriculum will focus on three major parts: arithmetic, algebra and analytical factors; geometry and measurement; and statistics and probability.

Vietnamese schools anticipate serious shortage of art teachers

With the new general education program, all high schools will face a shortage of art and music teachers.

Vietnamese Education Ministry wants textbooks for physical education, but teachers say no

Many teachers and education experts have expressed surprise about the news that Vietnam will have textbooks for physical education at general schools.

VN book appraisal council should be restructured

The fate of textbooks for general education programs depends on the sense of justice and qualification of the members of the book appraisal council.

HCM City schools replace 45-minute tests

HCM City students will no longer have to take dozens of 45-minute tests a year if teachers assess students’ knowledge by other methods.

Parents worry about life skill lessons at school

Many teachers are not trained to teach life skills, but still give the lessons at school.

Life skills teaching in Vietnam raises concerns

The fact that three preschool children in Ha Nam province got severe burns during lessons about calling for help and escape in emergency situations has raised worries about the teaching of life skills at school.

New education program: teachers’ competence plays key role

Tran Kieu, chair of the Vietnam Psychology – Education Association, noted that the new general education program (Program 2018) is designed to develop learners’ personal capabilities.

HCM City’s education strives to reach high international standards

HCM City wants to become the leading locality in the country and in order to achieve the goal, it has to upgrade education quality to meet international standards.

Tuition of state-owned schools to rise under autonomy policy

Studying at state-owned schools is the first choice for university or college bound students because they only have to pay a part of training fees.

‘How to teach primary school students’ under new system: are educators qualified?

Most of the 990 students attending the exams for the sixth grade at the Hanoi-Amsterdam School for the Gifted had a GPA of 10 for all five grades at primary school, which some say is a reflection of a dysfunctional school system.