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The Vietnamese steel industry is expected to face difficulties this year due to an increase in production capacity, falling demand and protectionist measures by countries to reduce imports, according to experts.

Questions raised about ferrochrome projects

A number of ferrochrome projects existed in the past, but most of them were unprofitable.

Developing oil refinery projects no longer ‘fashionable’

VietNamNet Bridge - The trend of investing in oil refinery projects that began 10 years ago has met a dead end.

Foreign giants eye petrol distribution market share

Foreign petrol distributors have set foot in the Vietnamese market, but they will have to confront Petrolimex, the giant which holds 50 percent of market share, and other rivals. 

Foreign distributors to remap petroleum distribution market

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts believe the petroleum distribution market will see a breakthrough after the conclusion of IPOs for PV Oil and Binh Son Refinery (BSR).

Petroleum supply expected to be plentiful from 2018

VietNamNet Bridge - No longer solely dependent on imports, Vietnam now can make petroleum products to satisfy domestic demand at its local oil refineries.

Will Japanese petroleum distributor succeed in Vietnam?

Though Idemitsu Kosan has impressed Vietnamese with high-quality, friendly service, it will still meet difficulties to cement its position in the Vietnamese market, experts say.

Vietnam to see cutthroat competition in petroleum market

VietNamNet Bridge - Formerly a country that exported crude oil at low prices, Vietnam now produces petroleum products which can satisfy half of domestic demand.

What’s the future for the Vietnam petroleum market after 2018?

The Nghi Son Refinery & Petrochemicals Complex with capacity of 10 million tons per annum will open in 2018, changing the supply-demand situation of Vietnam’s petroleum market.

PetroVietnam anticipates it will have to cover Nghi Son losses

VietNamNet Bridge - The national oil & gas group PetroVietnam may have to spend more than $2 billion, or VND40 trillion, to cover losses from the Nghi Son petrochemistry and refinery complex. 

Foreign oil and gas conglomerates flee Vietnam

After over four years since it was announced, the $22 billion Nhon Hoi petrochemical project officially proposed to withdraw from Vietnam’s oil and gas development plan. To date at least three foreign oil and gas groups have fled from Vietnam.

Can a Japanese conglomerate rescue Vietnam’s Nghi Son oil refinery?

VietNamNet Bridge - With Idemitsu and its partner KPI planning to distribute petroleum products from Nghi Son Oil Refinery, a way out for Nghi Son has been found. 

Vietnam’s petrochemical oil refinery projects gear up

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has been gradually proceeding towards a petrochemical industry comprising of all phases of a production line.

Construction of Nghi Son Refinery delayed to September

The Chairman of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) said the foreign partners had settle $5 billion for the Nghi Son oil refinery project but the construction will be kicked of in September, instead of July.

Vietnam told to beware of the “oil refinery movement”

Ninety percent of the source of income of the Quang Ngai province comes from the Dung Quat Economic Zone which is comprised of an oil refinery. This explains why many other localities in the central region dream of having such refineries.