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Kon Tum’s cultural heritage to be displayed in capital

 VietNamNet Bridge – A replica of a forest where Ngoc Linh ginseng grows will be set up at an exhibition showcasing the heritage of the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum.

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Thua Thien-Hue enhances animal protection in nature reserves, Ngoc Linh ginseng, medical herbs centerpiece of exhibition, Ha Giang retreat on H'mong King Palace land rights dispute, Da Nang to build international paediatrics hospital

Investors pour money into preserving medicinal herbs

Tu Mo Rong district in Kon Tum province is famous for ginseng, or hong dang sam, and Codonopsis pilosula, a medicinal herb called "the ginseng of the poor", as it is cheap and effective in disease treatment.

New Year’s presents favored by the rich: ginseng, saffron and cordyceps

Iranian saffron, Vietnamese Ngoc Linh ginseng and Tibetan cordyceps are among the most popular items favored by wealthy Vietnamese for lunar new year presents. 

Ginseng queen grows over 600 medicinal plants

Nguyen Thi Hong Thuong, 33, runs a large ginseng garden with more than 600 plants and many other traditional herbal medicine plants in Tra Cang Commune in Nam Tra My District in the central province of Quang Nam.

Vietnam strives to brand rare and precious produce

VietNamNet Bridge - Among Vietnam’s rare and precious herbs, Ngoc Linh ginseng and agarwood are in the top positions in terms of preciousness and selling prices. 

Farmers grow more medicinal plants to tap VN's herbal treasure

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is one of 15 countries on the world’s medicinal herb map. However, the priceless treasure has not been exploited in an effective and sustainable way.

The treasure hidden on Ngoc Linh Mount

VietNamNet Bridge - Xe Dang and Ca Dong ethnic minorities who live on Ngoc Linh mountain call a wild ripe fruit ‘hat lua’ or ‘fire grain’, the seed of a medicinal plant called K5 ginseng, or Ngoc Linh ginseng.

New ’ginseng’ revitalizes highlands commune

The early onset of the monsoon has prompted ethnic minority residents of Ngoc Lay Commune in the Central Highlands to look for faster ways to cultivate duong quy.

Testing centre proposed to tackle Ngoc Linh ginseng

In traditional markets in Nam Tra My District, prized and valuable Ngoc Linh ginseng abounds. What eager customers don’t know is that the herb they buy might not be the real thing.

A monk's bamboo forest on Son Tra Mount

VietNamNet Bridge - The owner of a bamboo forest near Da Nang, Monk Thich The Tuong, 51, began cherishing a special passion for the plant in his childhood.

Vietnamese ginseng recognised as National Brand

 VietNamNet Bridge –  Ngoc Linh ginseng, grown both in Nam Tra My District in Quang Nam Province and the central highlands Kon Tum, has been named a National Brand.

Professor responsible for discovering medicinal herb in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Few Vietnamese know about the man who discovered a precious medicinal herb – giao co lam (Gynostemma pentaphyllum): Pham Thanh Ky, rector of the Hanoi Pharmacy University. 

100-year-old cinnamon gardens thrive on Ngoc Linh Mount

VietNamNet Bridge - The centuries-old cinnamon gardens on Ngoc Linh Mount are a treasure which has been preserved for generations. Cadong people consider the ancient cinnamon trees as gifts from God.

Two high school students prepare new derivatives to treat cancer

VietNamNet Bridge - Bui Do Minh Quan and Do Phuong Mai from the Tran Phu High School for the Gifted have synthesized a new derivative that has the potential to treat cancer.

Scientists use bacteria to speed up growth of ginseng roots

The scientists from the HCM Biotechnology Center have succeeded in using Agrobacterium rhizogenes bacteria to create hairy roots of Ngoc Linh ginseng (Panax vietnamensis Ha et Grushv) which contains active saponin.

The root of the Vietnamese ginseng shortage

 VietNamNet Bridge – A highly prized Vietnamese species, indigenous to the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum, is threatened with extinction, and the Government is gearing up to reverse its decline.

Ngoc Linh ginseng garden survives 1,000 metres above sea level

VietNamNet Bridge - Ho Van Du, the owner of Ngoc Linh ginseng garden, and former deputy head of an herb center, is called the “ginseng King”. He governs a sky-high area.

Scientists fear Ngoc Linh ginseng may get exhausted

 VietNamNet Bridge – Ngoc Linh ginseng (Panax vietnamensis), a kind of precious herb, is in the danger of getting depleted. Scientists say it is very difficult to find real purebred Ngoc Linh ginseng nowadays.

Jungle people take herb home for harvest

Ethnic residents in Mang Ri Commune no longer need to traipse through snake-infested jungles to cultivate the medicinal herb which is helping them to escape poverty. Pioneering farmers have successfully planted it in the back garden.